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  • Monique

    I love your show and try to listen to it as often as I can. WOMC is my favorite station! On Sunday June 18 I listened to your show about Mrs. Swayze’s fight for pancreatic cancer and I am all for the changes although I am in Canada, so I don’t know how I could help. I have a friend that was diagnosed about I think a year ago. She has had some chemo. complications made the treatments has stopped. The federal disability process takes many years to go through here as you get turned down many times before being successful. And as I learnt from your show she does not have that kind of time. Something SHOULD be done; to help fight the federal disability so that this TERMINAL illness can be accepted as the requirements states; and patients like my friend are financially assisted THE FIRST TIME before they pass away. Please let us know how we Canadians can join the fight and show our support too! If the U.S.A. starts a change maybe Canada will follow suite?!

  • Susan ann

    Monique! I hear so many stories just like this one and my heart goes out to you in Canada. It’s wrong for the goverment to stall medical help with unfair laws and red tape while people die waiting for help! I’m an american and I want a better america! Maybe you could tune into my blog talk radio show online in America! Go to Sign in as a listener and search my name, Susan Ann Langford. Then look for my show called; WE HEAR YOU!
    Take care and hope to talk with you soon, Susan ann ~ E-Mail:

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