Rick Springfield Talks About His Dogs And His Demons

Rick Springfield

[lastfm]Rick Springfield [/lastfm]opened up and talked about his new autobiography Late, Late at Night with 104.3 WOMC’s Bobby Mitchell. Springfield said he wrote the book himself without a ghost writer. This made it possible for him to bring to the surface many demons from his past including depression and infidelity which were complicated by his rock star stature.  

Speaking about fame Springfield’s said “I thought that would heal me, I thought being successful and famous and all that and having money would heal me but it doesn’t. It’s all internal. Everything about us is internal so I had to deal with that.”

Springfield also had to deal with disappointing his wife but the two have stayed together despite setbacks. “We’re better together than we are apart and we’ve tried both. We’ve faced all this stuff head on. My wife isn’t some meek woman that sweeps stuff under the carpet. She is very strong and wanted to kick me out of the house several times.” 

It’s tempting to focus on the negative aspects of Springfield’s book but he also took the time to talk about his dogs which have always been near and dear to his heart.

“The first one was Elvis which I had as a kid and I had to leave him in Australia when my family moved to England and that was kind of the first hole in my soul… The next one was Lethal Ron who was on the cover of Working Class Dog.. then I got my third one, Gomer, who was all over the website and he passed away after a wolf moon on February 1st.  He was a champ.  They are harder to lose than people. “

latelate tonight Rick Springfield Talks About His Dogs And His Demons Late, Late Tonight is available on Amazon.com.

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