Welcome Jim Johnson To 104.3 WOMC!

jim1 Welcome Jim Johnson To 104.3 WOMC!

Iconic radio host Jim Johnson returns to the Detroit airwaves as midday host for 104.3 WOMC Classic Hits on Monday, February 28, 2011,  (weekdays, 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.)

“I am so fortunate to be joining CBS Radio ‘s WOMC, one of the premier broadcasting companies and stations in the country,” said Johnson, who has been a Detroit radio fixture for over three decades.  “I am eager to get back on air. Radio is in my blood.”

Johnson replaces current host John Thomas, who is leaving to pursue a broadcast position out of state.

Tim Roberts, WOMC operations manager and program director, said, “We’re absolutely thrilled to have a veteran Detroit talent like Jim Johnson on our on-air staff.  JJ understands the music history of Detroit, which fits in perfectly with WOMC’s classic hits format.  Stay tuned because we have exciting plans for JJ and WOMC listeners.”

Johnson, a lifelong Detroiter and father of four, attended Central Michigan University to play football and learn broadcasting.  He has held prestigious on-air positions at four major stations (WWWW, WRIF, WLLZ, WCSX) in the Detroit market during his lengthy radio tenure.

“Jim Johnson is a great addition to the WOMC air staff and we are very excited to have him join our team,” said Debbie Kenyon, Sr. VP/Market Manager of CBS RADIO Detroit.  “Jim has such history in the market and a wonderful ability to relate to Detroit listeners.”

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  • jerry mcginnis

    Welcome back jj,I’m a long time listener of your show,and its good to hear your voice again,it’s odd to hear you doing the midday shift, after hearing you in the morning for thelast thirty years. I guess you earned the right to sleep in though

  • Joahna

    What a great picture of Jimmy! WOW! ;)

    • Connie Delisle

      Your his girlfriend aren’t youOr just friends as he said?

  • L. L Lake

    Welcome back JJ!!! Been listening to you since your news brodcasts on ABX! I’ll be listening for you.

  • peggy

    It’s about time we get Jim Johnson back on Detroit radio. Welcome back and can’t wait to tune in !!

  • emcsal1

    ALL RIGHT, Been a fan I guess going back to Piston’s Bad Boy Day’s.

  • Leonard

    Hey JJ, Glad You’re Back. Remember You from your old shows of JJ and the Morning Crew, with popeye, dick the bruiser, george swell. Those were the day. Great to hear you again

  • John Kuriila

    Great move WOMC….Welcome back JJ

  • RMurray

    Hey JJ, How’s it going to feel going head-to-head with your old buddy Karen Savelly ? I’m glad to hear that you’re going to be back on the radio. It just wasn’t like coming home, and not hearing you on the radio.

  • Jay M. Frederick

    Jim it’s good to know that you’ll be back on the radio. I been a fan since you were at W4. Good LUCK.

  • Donna

    This is great. I am so happy to welcome JJ back to the radio. I love the voice and it feels like an old friend that has been gone , has come back home. It is about time. I am retired now so I can sleep in also.

  • paul harris

    All I can say is yahoo!!!!! My radio button has a new home. Its great to have you back JJ.

  • John Zannetti

    Welcome back JJ !!, can’t wait to hear you back on radio.

  • Bob Sena

    Dick The Bruiser says, “You better listen to my bud, JJ!”

  • Rodney Burgess

    Yes, JJ is back on the air. Been a long time can’t wait to hear you again. I truely stopped listening to the station you was on when you left and last when I found 104.3 so in the end….it all worked out

  • Larry

    Glad to have JJ back on the radio! I have listened to him for the past 30 plus years and have missed him. Hopefully Lynn will be joining him at WOMC?

  • cindi

    I am so glad to hear JJ’s BACK IN TOWN!

  • Dale Z

    Been listening to you for years, heard you might get WOMC gig,
    glad you did. You speak for our generation (sometimes to close but keep talking). I’ll be listening.

  • melinda frazier

    Awesome! You’ve been missed. Remember when you and George played 96 Tears/Beers on Kelly & Co.?

  • john skiver

    Glad to hear you are on my new favorite station.Ive been a fan since the seventies.Good luck

  • Bruce Turner

    Welcome back Jim! I along with many others, have missed you on the air, and we wish you well as you start back in Detroit. I hope that you become a long time fixture there, just like Dick P was.

  • Jeff

    Welcome back JJ, I’ve been listening to (and George) since the late 70’s at W4. You’re a classic, Jim with a great sense of
    humor and style. Looking forward to your show…….

  • Chris

    What a great move by WOMC. I have been a fan of alot of Detroits radio stations over the years and WOMC and WCSX are always one of my stops during the 6am to 4pm spot due to me being mainly on the road and I love the music both staions play. I was so mad when WCSX dropped JJ and his partner Lynn. He has definatly been missed by me and several people that I know that used to be regular listeners of JJ. A big thumbs up goes out to WOMC for putting JJ back on the air. Welcome back to the airways Jim, I’m look forward to your broadcasts.

  • Ron

    I’ve been a JJ fan since W4 and been jumping morning radio stations since your departure. I’ll be listening to ya at lunch time and maybe settle on one station. Welcome back, you’ve been missed.

  • Steve V

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to find out that JJ was returning to radio! JJ you have been missed! Welcome back!

  • Annette

    JJ, I am so very happy to have you back on my radio to listen to while I am working – and you’re working my shift as well!!!
    Welcome Back – Keep up the great work in DETROIT. WE LOVE YOU

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