Know Your Paczki!

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Happy paczki day!  I thought it would be fun to test your paczki knowledge with a little trivia quiz.  See how much you know about the fattening but delicious Shrove Tuesday treats!

Ready to take the paczki quiz?  Good – here ya go.  Correct answers are at the bottom.  But no cheating!

1   The word Paczki actually refers to what?
     a  One dough filled treat
     b  Two dough filled treats
     c  A multiple of dough filled treats – paczki is plural

2   What is traditionally added to the dough before cooking to prevent the absorption of oil deep into the dough?
     a  Baking soda
     b  A little grain alcohol
     c  Pectin

3   How long have paczkis been around in Poland?
     a  For 200 years
     b  For 400 years
     c  Since the middle ages

4   Above and beyond Detroit and Hamtramck, which other cities celebrate the paczki tradition?
     a  Chicago, Buffalo and Milwaukee
     b  Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia
     c  Montreal, San Francisco and Baltimore

5  Many countries around the world enjoy some form of paczkis.  Which of the following nations does not
    generally enjoy paczkis?
    a   Iran
    b   Israel
    c   Finland

Okay, let’s see how you did.  Here are the correct answers:

Question 1 — C
Question 2 — B
Question 3 — C
Question 4 – A
Question 5 – C

Polish Fest Continues In Hamtramck


One Comment

  1. Linda Schaub says:

    Great quiz to feed your brain while you’re feeding your face with your paczki(s) (plural if you’re bad). The take-off songs about paczkis were very clever. .

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