Is Jackie Chan Dead? Answer…

Twitter has been abuzz today (March 29, 2011) about Jackie Chan. It was tweeted earlier today that the action star had suffered a heart attack and died. “RIP Jackie Chan” topped Twitter’s trending topics, but thanks to Jackie Chan’s Official Facebook page, we now know that he is alive and well.

This message was found on Jackie Chan’s facebook page

Jackie is alive and well. He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports. Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie.

I didn’t believe the “news” when I saw it, especially after watching this video.

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  • andrew


  • samuel pius

    Is jackie chan really dead because right now i am really confused about the news. Most site says he is dead why others say he is well and sound i dont know what to believe anymore. I want you guys to tell me the gospel about my favourite star.

    • Steve Wiseman

      According to Jackie’s Official Facebook he is alive and doing well. He is currently filming a new movie

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  • samuel olaoletan

    my great hero is alive and nothing happen to him i know my self.!!! JC is alive.

  • http://Facebook Christiana

    A hearsay can cause a million sadness. I felt sad when i heard of it ‘cos jackie is the best star artist i like. Now that he is not dead, by the grace of God, he’ll spent twice of his age on earth in peace and joy with his family. Amen

  • zigo

    rumours,always carried by enemies spread by ignorance accepted by fools

  • lofty101

    he is dead now tho :(

  • rachel

    he is not dead, he is fully funtionally alive. Its just a rumour

  • heather

    so jackie chan is not dead right?, why would somebody rumor that?

    • 104.3 WOMC

      We don’t know. It seems pretty mean. We’re just happy he’s alive!

  • bisi

    ThankGod,he is alive

  • mrjreck

    all the things they are say is a complete rumour so i dont believd it

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