Jobbie Nooner Today On Lake St. Clair

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It’s the annual Jobbie Nooner blow-out on Lake St. Clair today. Members of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department Marine Division will be out in force to make sure everybody is safe.

It started out as a family event in the 1980s. Auto workers (jobbies) would take off at noon (nooner) and head for Gull Island in Lake St. Clair. Thus the name Jobbie Nooner.

In subsequent years it has become more like a Mardi Gras event with plenty of boozing and nudity.

The event continues to grow in popularity. Last year an estimated 10,000 partygoers took part. Whenever you get that many boaters out and about and alcohol is involved there’s the potential for trouble. Therefore members of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department, the Marine Division, will be keeping a watchful eye on boaters.

There are actually two Jobbie Nooners each year. The second one comes on September 10th but the first one is the biggest celebration.

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