WOMC – What Does That Stand For?

Have you ever wondered what our call letters stood for, if anything? Well the letters do stand for something and if you really think about them carefully, I’d say there’s a good shot that you’ll be able to figure out what they stand for!

Often times but not always, radio station call letters stand for something. Years ago I worked for a station in Tampa called WDAE. That, believe it or not, stood for “Wonderful Days And Evenings.” WIOD in Miami actually stands for “Wonderful Isle Of Dreams.”

Above and beyond WKNR and CKLW here in Detroit you may have listened to powerhouse rocker WLS in Chicago during the 60s and 70s. Those call letters stood for “World’s Largest Store.”

Okay, so what does WOMC stand for? Think about it. W-O-M-C. It stands for “Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County” which is our primary Metro Detroit coverage area.

Generally in the U.S. radio stations east of the Mississippi start with the call letter W. Stations to the west of the Mississippi usually start with the letter K. But there are exceptions. Notable ones include the legendary KDKA in Pittsburgh, obviously way east of the Mississippi and on the other side of the coin there’s WBAP in Ft. Worth, Texas which is west of the river.

Stations in Canada, of course, start with a C. Stations in Mexico start with the letter X. Stations in the Bahamas begin with the letter Z and it is pronounced “zed.” In Cuba most stations have a name rather than call letters like Radio Havana.

When you get into your office this morning, ask your fellow co-workers if they can explain what the call letters WOMC stand for! And if you get any really funny answers, email them to me and I’ll slap ’em up on our website!

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