Killer Wild Turkey In Commerce Township?

Earlier this week I told you a funny story about a huge wild Tom turkey in Commerce Township that hung around a woman’s home and harassed her every time she went out to get into her car. Well the Weekly World News online paints an entirely different and even deadly picture of the story!

A 35 pound wild Tom turkey has been staking out a woman’s home in Commerce Township. I had the story earlier this week and it’s pretty funny. Channel 4 TV sent reporter Roger Weber out to do a piece on the story and the large bird chased Roger and his camera guy around like crazy. It was very amusing. The woman who lives there says she has to use a broom or umbrella to keep the bird at bay as she goes out to get into her car. She says she hasn’t called the DNR to remove the bird and wants no harm to come to him. So that’s “our” version of the story. The online tabloid Weekly World News sees it in an entirely different and deadly way!

The Weekly World News story says this turkey is way beyond amusing. The rag reports that the bird severed three fingers from a woman’s hand. But wait, there’s more! The tabloid goes on to say the turkey has already killed two people! And the online paper says high school students in the U.P. are so afraid of the killer turkey that they have been staying home from class.

Come on Weekly World News — at least you can check the Michigan map. Commerce Township is a long way away from the U.P.

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