Ford Falcons Are Alive And Well In B.A.

You’ve seen pictures of all the old U.S. cars tooling around in Havana, right? It’s like a time warp. When the doors were closed to Cuba they were stuck with U.S. cars out of the 50s and they are still found in large numbers in Havana. During a trip to Buenos Aires we found another phenomenon – tons of Ford Falcons all over this city.

The Ford Falcon was a popular small car sold in the U.S. from roughly 1960 through 1970. I can’t remember the last time I saw one on roads around here but down in Buenos Aires, Argentina, they are still very popular.

I was shocked at the number of Falcons we saw down there. Our tour guide seemed surprised that I was surprised over the large number of Falcons still on the roads of B.A.

For one thing, Ford didn’t stop making Falcons in Argentina until 1990. And people love them so much they pay absolutely top dollar to get their hands on a used one.

The other thing that stood out about cars in Argentina, as I’ve pointed out before, is the fact that nearly all of them run on both natural gas and petrol. Natural gas is much, much cheaper than regular gasoline. And when the natural gas tank runs out, drivers hear a few beeps signaling them to flip a switch and tap into the gasoline tank. If they don’t rely heavily on petrol down there why can’t we make the switch, too, here in the U.S.? Well I guess we are gradually. Recently both GM and Chrysler announced that some heavy duty pickup trucks would run on duel fuels.

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