89 Year Old Man Who Blares Music Gets Unusual Ticket

89-year-old Larry Storch of Kingston, North Carolina sounds like a pretty cool dude. He likes his tunes loud! REALLY loud! If fact, he’s gotten 17 citations for kicking out the jams in the last 7 years.

He admits the tickets didn’t get him to dial it back, just the opposite. Every time he paid a ticket, he added another speaker to his 1976 Aston Martins teeth rattling sound system! I wonder if they go up to 11?

Well, those booming speakers are going to help carry out his latest fine. According to this story, a judge (whose name, ironically, is Ironside!) has sentenced Storch to crank up that pre-school favorite “I’m a little teapot” at top volume for the next 45 days! Now, the good news: 3 year olds will love it! Plus, he’ll get some variety: He’s been given a CD with 37 different versions of the jam! Storch, who usually blares classic country from artists’ like Eddie Rabbit, is appealing the sentence.

So, is this fair punishment? If you were in Larry’s shoes, what would be the worst song you’d be forced to drive around playing at full volume?

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