Top 10 Airlines At Metro

It’s a look at the Top 10 Airlines At Metro Airport this week.

The 900 pound gorilla–Delta–has to top the list. While you may not agree with some of their fares you can’t beat their destinations. They serve pretty much just about anywhere you’d like to travel domestically and their international service is top notch. They can fly you non-stop to London, Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zurich in Europe. Their Asian non-stops from Metro include Tokyo, Nagoya, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Hey besides, Delta honored me in the 80s as a “Flying Colonel.”

Delta Air Lines has taken us to Tokyo, London, Rome, Frankfurt, Dublin, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Budapest and many additional international destinations. Most Delta flights have been most enjoyable. And note it’s Delta Air Lines (two words) and not Delta Airlines. I don’t know why it just is!

Next I’m gonna have to go with Southwest. They’re inexpensive and downright fun! Two world class airlines are high on the list. Air France flies non-stop to Paris and Lufthansa, the German flag carrier jets you over the Atlantic to Frankfurt.

American has been, over the years, our major wings to the Caribbean. It’s a hop to Miami with connecting flights to such places as Antigua, Jamaica, the Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Grand Cayman and you name it!

United is a major player at Metro mainly with lift to Chicago. Air Canada is a fine, world class airline that serves Metro with regional jets. We’ve flown on Air Canada to Toronto, Montreal and Barbados and enjoyed the ride.

I don’t know much about Frontier, I’ve never flown ’em, but friends say good things. Besides they have neat animals painted on their tails. And Spirit Airlines, once headquartered here in Eastpointe and now HQd in Ft. Lauderdale rounds out the top 10.

By the way I didn’t put AirTran on my list. That’s because very shortly they will be a part of Southwest. However the few times we’ve flown on AirTran, we were very impressed with the friendliness and efficiency of the staff and the cleanliness of their 737s and 717s.

It’s really sad that I can’t rave about British Airways as an airline serving Metro. After decades they discontinued service between Metro and London several years ago. It’s also sad that Continental, Eastern, TWA and Northwest are no longer present at Metro.

Okay what’s your choice at Metro? Let the voting begin!


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