Drones Above The Woodward Dream Cruise

So there I was, high above Woodward Avenue Saturday afternoon broadcasting live coverage of the Dream cruise, when right in front of my eyes, I spot a drone helicopter hovering 25 feet above the classic cruisers.  It turns out it was being flown by Kyle Dorosz, a young man with his own company called Aerial Imagery and he was shooting video and still photos of the Dream Cruise.

This highly advanced drone has a camera mounted onboard and even GPS tracking.  In the event the device loses power, the drone will glide right back to the point where it was launched.

Kyle both manufactures these drones for consumers and rents out his imagery services to those wishing to get aerial shots of special events.

drone1 Drones Above The Woodward Dream Cruise

Promotional Photo

Enjoy some of the video Kyle captured last Saturday at the 18th annual Woodward Dream Cruise.

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