Hall & Oates Fans Fight Mitt Romney By Forming Super PAC

A group of Hall & Oates fans are declaring “I Can’t Go For That” to the Republican party. As of August 20th, The Hall and Oates Fans for America Super PAC is an officially recognized Super PAC (political action committee) that’s anti-Mitt Romney – and pro blue-eyed soul.

As The Atlantic Wire reports, The Hall and Oates Fans for America Super PAC Super Pac is the brain child of two waiters at Atlanta’s Two Urban Licks: Director/Treasurer Billy Hansmann and Chairman Anthony Schuch. The two plan to use donated funds to create parody YouTube videos pointed at Romney and running mate Paul Ryan in the months leading up to November’s election.

“I find it really unfortunate that Republicans tend to play such hardball and with very little response from the Democratic side,” Hansmann said. “Why, with the exception of a couple comics out there, are people not going after some of these guys?”

However, Hansmann, a “card-carrying Libertarian,” said he doesn’t actually expect they’ll get any donations – or that Hall & Oates will catch wind of all this. Their Super PAC is all in good fun, much like Stephen Colbert’s Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow Super PAC, formed earlier this year.

Their biggest concern: “We had a hard time deciding which Hall and Oates song we would choose [for the videos],” Hansmann told The Atlantic Wire. “It’s like they could see into this election [with their biggest hits] and Romney: ‘Out of Touch,’ ‘I Can’t Go For That,’ ‘Rich Girl.'”

(Let’s not forget about “Say It Isn’t So” and “Family Man” as well.)

– Jillian Mapes, CBS Local

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