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Retired Priest Bites The Ear Off Of Another Retired Priest

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2 Retired Priests Get In Fight Over Parking Space, One Retired Priest Bites Ear Off Another Retired Priest

Wonder if the boss knows about this incident? (Photo: ALBERTO PIZZOLI,ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Bob Schuman
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Two retired Catholic priests arrived at the same parking lot at the same time. Both locked in on a prime parking spot. Both tried to nose in but it was a stand-off. The two retired priests then got out of their cars to discuss it and things quickly escalated into a full fledged fight.

Police say 81 year old Father Thomas Byrne not only punched 80 year old Father Thomas Smith in the face but that Byrne pulled a Mike Tyson and bit Smith’s ear off.

When the battle finally subsided, Father Byrne told Father Smith to pick up something up he had forgotten on the pavement. Smith looked down and there was his severed ear.  He apparently had not realized that his ear had been bitten off during the battle.

Father Byrne appeared in court sporting a black eye and he was booked on charges of creating grievous bodily harm. This all happened in Perth, Australia.

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