Queen’s Epic Battle Song Goes Larger Than Life: “We Will Rock You” Gets VonLichten Treatment

Queen’s epic battle song, “We Will Rock You” off of 1977’s News Of the World has just gotten the orchestral treatment from famed composer VonLichten (who has previously composed themes for the US Open, The Masters and The PGA Championship) for use during NFL games on CBS.

Fortunately the new “remix,” called “We Will Rock You VonLichten,” still features the iconic stomping and clapping as well as Freddie Mercury’s antagonistic lyrics, so you can rest assured the visiting team will continue to be intimidated. However, the soothing piano at the end brings us to a place more suitable for a sit down dinner rather than the gridiron.

VonLichten didn’t work on the remake by himself; fans will be interested to know that Queen guitarist Brian May was brought in by the composer to re-record his wailing guitar parts. Listen to “We Will Rock You VonLichten” HERE. You can pick up the brand new version of “We Will Rock You” on iTunes.

–Joe Cingrana, WCBS-FM/NYC

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