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Naked Men Cavort In Hot Tub

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2 Men Naked Men Caught In Clinton Township Hot Tub, 2 Men Found Naked In Backyard Hot Tub

(Photo: Ben Radford/Getty Images)

Bob Schuman
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A Clinton Township couple got a rude surprise back on November 22nd. They returned home and heard some noise coming from their backyard hot tub area. The Fraser-Clinton Township Chronicle Newspaper says the commotion was caused by two naked men cavorting in their hot tub.

The owners startled the naked trespassers and they fled leaving their winter coats behind. But that wasn’t the end of the story. The men returned a short time later, still naked, and rang the door bell. When the homeowners opened the door the men apologized, asked for their coats back and then took off.

It’s unclear now whether police have any suspects in mind in the case but the investigation was continuing at last check.

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