Weekly World News “Reports” President Obama Orders His Face Added To Mt. Rushmore

Rather shocking news if you believe one report we’re getting today. The Weekly World News is reporting that President Barack Obama has ordered that his face be added to join other presidents honored on Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. So can you get your mind around the concept of President Obama joining George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Honest Abe Lincoln on the side of that mountain?

The online tabloid newspaper “reports” that when the president made the announcement at the White House, reporters from CBS, NBC, ABC, and NPR all applauded and wept openly with tears of  joy over Mr. Obama’s decision.

President Obama said the new project should immediately add 1,000 new jobs and increase tourism in South Dakota, according to the Weekly World News. The tabloid goes on to quote the president as saying: “I am the first black president. And I think history will show that I am one of the greatest presidents to ever live. I deserve to be put on Mt. Rushmore.”

So what are your thoughts? Who would you like to see added to Mt. Rushmore? Take my poll below.


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