Roger Waters To Jon Stewart On ‘The Daily Show’: ‘I’m Trying Desperately To Keep Up With You’

Last night (January 14th), former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters, appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss his plans for bringing his Wall tour to Europe, his relief and benefit work, and how the meanings of Pink Floyd lyrics have changed over the years. Waters, who is fighting the flu and warned of possible projectile vomit, said he was on his best behavior for the satirical talk show host, adding “I very rarely wear a shirt and tie.” Stewart complimented Waters for his charitable efforts. Both the comedian and Floyd front man recently participated at the “12-12-12” Sandy relief concert at Madison Square Gardens and the “Stand Up for Heroes” benefit on November 8th, 2012, where Waters was joined by 14 wounded soldiers from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

During the interview, after Stewart interrupted Waters, the mercurial rocker noted (with a smile), “I noticed backstage how very, very quickly you talk! I’m desperately trying to keep up with you?”  Stewart joked that his secret is Adderall, and offered Waters some (he politely turned it down). 

Midway through the discussion, Stewart posed the question, “Now, you’re going back on the road with the remaining members of Pink Floyd, right?”. To which Waters whimsically responded, “This is how he makes his living. That is funny!” Watch the entire interview HERE.

The storied rocker also talked about how the meaning of Pink Floyd lyrics evolved over the years and are no longer about the “miserable, self-serving, sniveling, nasty little Roger we hated all those years ago,” rather, now they are more about “trying to understand the world and, if possible, help people occasionally.” 

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