Random Acts of Kindness Update: Harder Than I Thought

My New Year’s Resolution is to do a Random Act of Kindness every day in 2013.  You can read about my first week here. And now that the first month is half over all I can say is…only 11 1/2 months to go.  No, I”m kidding, but this IS harder than I thought and I failed miserably again on January 14 when my girlfriend had to pay for dinner because I had to run and pick up my son.  (I have wonderful friends!)

Here’s the update:

Jan. 7 – One of the women at work keeps candy on her desk and everyone in the building helps themselves.  I bought a big bag of candy and left it on her desk.  I later found out that she thought someone else had given her the candy and thanked him and HE TOTALLY TOOK THE CREDIT FOR IT! I thought that was hilarious!  She eventually did find out it was me.

Jan. 8 – We were at my daughter’s skating team competition and she wanted to get a cookie from the concession stand so I gave her money to get a cookie for the next person in line.  Not very imaginative, I know.  It had been a very long day.  But it made me realize that I’m just throwing money at the problem a lot of the time instead of being creative.  Obviously I have a lot of work to do.

Jan. 9 – I returned a cart for a woman at the grocery store.

Jan. 10 – I treated a friend to lunch.  She wasn’t expecting it, AND she took home a doggy bag for dinner.

Jan. 11 – Donated winter wear items to St. Vincent de Paul.  I struggled with this one.  Someone at work was collecting for the charity and asked us to donate items.  I wondered if it really counted as a RAOK.  But. as I have a whole year to fill, and I didn’t have to donate I’m counting it.

Jan. 12 – This was a tough day.  It was a cold Saturday and I was exhausted and didn’t leave the house all day.  But I tracked down the original blogger who inspired me to make the Resolution and left her a message letting her know what she inspired me to do.  Hopefully it makes her feel good.

Jan. 13 – I stood in the rain and held the door open for a woman running into a store.

Jan. 14 – $5 for the Salvation Army today.  Not only did I not do anything, but I was having a belated Christmas dinner with a girlfriend while my son was at fencing and had to leave her to pay the bill when he called to tell me that the class had ended earlier than I expected.  Not my best day.  By far.

Jan. 15 – Today I let everyone go ahead of me; in traffic, in lines at stores, on elevators and escalators.  It was making me antsy because I had to get to an appointment and I started getting behind because of all the letting people go ahead of me.  Then I was getting on an escalator and a mall-walking couple was right there so I HAD to let them go ahead of me and they were very slow and took up the whole escalator so I couldn’t pass them so I did get to my appointment late.  EXCEPT the person I needed to see was just finishing up with someone else so I technically wasn’t late.  It really made me realize that all of the (sometimes rude) hurrying I do in life is mostly pointless.

Jan. 16 – Sent my son to fencing class with an extra water bottle for someone who many have forgotten theirs.

Jan. 17 – Watched the skating coach’s kids when her sitter bailed.

My totals:

RAOK = 15

Salvation Army = $10

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