Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Husband Or Boyfriend

Men have it easy; when they neglect to get their girlfriend or wife a Valentine’s Day gift they can grab a bouquet of flowers or a box of candy on the way home from work and they are in the clear.

The ladies have it a little harder.  While some men dig chocolate and flowers, they aren’t exactly the most “manly” gifts.  So what’s a female procrastinator to do?

Check out the list of ten Valentine’s day gifts for him that you can pick up on the way home from work!

1. A gift basket with all his favorite snacks.

2. A six-pack of beer or a case of his favorite soda.

3. His favorite take out.

4. Buy tickets to a concert or sporting event he’ll like and print them out.

5. Baked goods – cookies, cupcakes, cake, pie!

6. A coupon for a massage, either from a professional or from you!

7. Some new unmentionables for you

8. Plan a weekend getaway and surprise him with details!

9. Grilling utensils for a grill master, headphones for an audiophile… something custom for his hobbies!

10.  A new wallet, pocket knife, pen, shaver, pajamas or watch.  Something useful!

Have a good idea?  Share it below!

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  • pranusha

    Cell phone n sanitizer, E-Reader, Sport Watches, shoe, bags etc…

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