My Cat Loves Watching TV But Only NHL Hockey And NASCAR Racing

A couple of years ago we adopted a new cat from the Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan. His name is Parker and he has been a great addition to the family.

You may have heard me talk about him on a recent “Liar, Liar” contest with Bobby and Stacey. Turns out he loves to watch TV but he’s only interested in two things: NHL Hockey and NASCAR Racing. So this past weekend was a good one for him. The Red Wings played twice and we had two major races at Daytona including the 500 on Sunday. He usually watches Red Wings games since we watch them but I don’t think he has a favorite team. And with NASCAR racing, I don’t think he cares whether it’s a Sprint Cup race of a Nationwide National Series race! But while he will occasionally watch an IRL race on the rare times we watch one, his attention span is brief on this type of racing.

I’ve talked to other family members with cats and it would seem that our cat is the only one who likes hanging out in front of the tube. I’m wondering if this is unusual behavior or not?

It’s obviously the motion of the hockey players and the cars circling the track that grab his attention. You ought to see his head turn right and left when the NASCAR circuit stops at a road course like Watkins Glen. At tracks like that they don’t just make left turns but left and right and in rapid succession. I think those are Parker’s favorite races!

Let me know if you’re cat or dog enjoys watching TV!

And by the way, if you’re looking to adopt a pet, the folks at AWS where we got Parker are just great!


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