Report: Pizza Being Banned In New York City

If you believe a report in the tabloid online newspaper The Weekly World News, then pizza is being banned in New York City.

The Weekly World News says Mayor Michael Bloomberg is banning pizza starting in June. The tabloid, notorious for it’s wild stories, quotes the mayor as saying: “Pizza is the number one cause of obesity and I will not tolerate anymore obese New Yorkers.” He is also quoted as saying: “The world won’t end if there’s no pizza.”

So what is going to happen to all the wonderful pizza parlors in the Big Apple? The tabloid says Mayor Bloomberg will help them transition into healthy spots. They’ll be turning into salad bars, Pilates studios and juice bars.

Mayor Bloomberg, who has been tough on unhealthy foods and beverages, reportedly told the WWN that the pizza ban will cover all 5 boroughs in NYC.

The question that comes to mind for me is this. What about grocery stores? Can they still sell pizza?And what if you are caught with a pizza? Gas chamber? Electric chair? Gallows? Death by firing squad?  Bamboo shoots under fingernails?


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