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Report: UFO From Planet Gootan Crashes Into Volcano

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Weekly World News Says UFO Flew Into Mexican Volcano, Popcatepetl, UFO Crashes Into Volcano

Popocatepetl Volcano (Photo: Arturo Andrade/AFP/Getty Images)

Bob Schuman
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The online tabloid Weekly World News is reporting that a spaceship from the planet Gootan has crashed into Popocatepetl, a volcano in the state of Puebla in Southern Mexico.

The report says the spacecraft flew into the volcano and failed to come out of the crater. The WWN says witnesses heard a loud explosion at the scene.

The tabloid report goes on to say that Dr. John Malley, Director of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, says this lost spaceship was from the planet Gootan. And he says it was most likely shot down by another spaceship, this one from the planet Zeeba.

So are these out of this world visitors good or bad beings? The WWN says in the nutshell, Gootans are bad while the Zeebans are good.

By the way, other media outlets have also reported on the possibility that a UFO did dive bomb the volcano.

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