New TV Channel Will Babysit Your Dog

Have you ever searched for a TV channel with animals to occupy your dog? A new channel is coming designed to babysit your dog. Look for DOGTV launching August 1st. The programming will entertain pets while owners are away. DOGTV CEO Gilad Neumann says, “Dogs spend many hours alone at home every day,” Neumann said. “As we work harder and both household members usually go out to work, dogs spend a lot more time at home. They’re very lonely, they’re bored, they suffer from separation anxiety often and people look for solutions.” The channel will broadcast will have sound, movement and colors that will get a dogs attention. Sice dogs are color blinded, Neumann went on to say, “They can only see blue and yellow, they can’t see red and green like humans do.” Oh and there’s three different types of programming, relaxation, stimulation and exposure. The exposure gives dogs a type of stress inoculation, Neumann explains, “We expose dogs to challenging situations like doorbells, vacuum cleaners, riding in cars, children — things that they tend to be more stressful around. With the right volume of content we help them, basically, deal with it better.” UPI
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