Do LIFE HACKS Really Work? Let’s Discuss

They pop up on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest feed — 20 Hacks That Will Change Your Life! So of course you click on it. Half the things on the list seem like they will take up WAY too much time, some seem ridiculous, and a few fall under the heading “Who EVEN Thought of This?!?

Let’s see if these tips are actually usable and practical. And if these shoe hacks actually will change your life.

  1. Stretch a pair of tight shoes by wearing thick socks with the shoes and blow drying the tight area – I’ve never tried this because I’m afraid of ruining the shoes with too much heat. Also, it sounds painful — if the shoes are already too tight how are you going to squeeze your feet into them while wearing thick socks?
  2. Tape your 3rd and 4th toes together when wearing pointy-toed shoes — Um, what? Supposedly this will help your balance and take pressure off the soles of your feet. Please let me know if you’ve done this, and if it works.
  3. Put panty-liners in your shoes to absorb sweat – Just no.
  4. Sand the bottoms of shoes with slippery soles – Done this; it works. You can also go outside and scuff up the bottom on a cement sidewalk.
  5. Prevent chafing on heels by rubbing K-Y jelly on them – Is this really just a cover for people too embarrassed to buy K-Y Jelly? “It’s for my feet!”
  6. Use Windex to shine patent leather shoes – Another tip from your friends at My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  7. Spray your feet with hairspray to keep them from slipping around inside your shoes – Again, who figured this out? Anyone tried it?
  8. Stuff newspaper into wet boots to absorb the moisture and help them dry more quickly – make sense. I’m going to remember this one.
  9. Stretch out tight shoes by putting a Ziploc bag filled with water inside them then putting them in the freezer – Ok, two problem. First, some areas may stretch out more than others. Second, “Who’s been stepping on the peas?!”
  10. Line the bottom of your shoes with wool fabric to make them warmer in water – Makes sense. I like it.
  11. Roll a tennis ball under your feet to stretch them out after a long day on your feet – Actually, a golf ball works better. But be sure to stretch them out the opposite way when you’re done.
  12. Sprinkle baking soda in shoes to absorb odors – Love this! And it works great!
  13. Buff dirt off suede shoes with a nail file – I think I would start with the gentlest file possible, though this does seem like it would work.
  14. Tie your house or car key to your shoelace when you go running – Don’t forget to tuck the end into the laces so it doesn’t flop around.
  15. Pack breakable things inside your shoes when you travel – I do this all the time! It’s great for sunglasses, jewelry, and those shot glasses you stole from Margaritaville.
  16. Put a shower cap around the bottom of your dirty shoes in your suitcase – It keeps your clothes clean and who is really using those shower caps anyway?
  17. Put shortened pool noodles inside boots to help them keep their shape – And good luck explaining to the kids why the pool toys are missing. Old magazines held together (in a round shape) with rubberbands work just as well.
  18. Put deodorant on your feet to prevent blisters – It will probably prevent odors, too.

I’m going to try a couple of these; I’ll let you know how they work out. Let me know what you have tried, and if there are any other Life Hacks we should discuss!



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