The 21 Worst Baby Names of 2016, According to Reddit

By: Jon Corrigan

Reddit users recently had a field day listing off the “worst” baby names they’ve heard in 2016.

The top picks were based on hundreds of comments and upvotes – check them out below:

Abcde  She’ll learn to spell her name before anyone else, “A… B…”

Aliviyah – Two more letters than “Olivia,” same amount of syllables.

Appaloosa – Either she’s a horse or her parents really like Ed Harris’ 2008 film.

Baby – “We want something unisex” … “How about ‘Baby?'” … “Done”

Beberly – Someone’s finger slipped to the right while typing “Beverly.”

Britney Shakira Beyonce – She’ll do it again. Her hips won’t lie. She’ll become a queen.

C’andre – Pronounced “see-Andre,” origins unknown.

Colon – The parents are either doctors or really into punctuation.

Danger – This, surprisingly, is a unisex name.

Elizabreth – Sounds like “lizard breath” if you say it a few times.

Gotham – Because he/she is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Jerica – Because they couldn’t decide between “Jessica” and “Erica.”

Little Sweetmeat – Someone call Child Protective Services.

Melanomia – Just one letter away from melanoma, a.k.a. skin cancer. Great.

Meldor – 99% sure this is Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones inspired.

Merika  – Make Merika great again.

Mhavrych – Because dad loved Tom Cruise in Top Gun and “h” is mom’s favorite letter.

Nevaeh Any Scrabble buffs out there? It’s “heaven” spelled backwards.

Panthy – Like, “panty” with a lisp.

Reighleigh – Because Riley was too short and easy to spell.

Yunique – No, mom, you’re the unique one.

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