Meat Loaf Rebounds from Concert Collapse with New Fitness Plan

The rock icon is getting his health on track.

By Hayden Wright

Meat Loaf stunned and worried fans when he collapsed onstage during an Edmonton, Canada show last month. Though he was rushed to the hospital and fans feared the worst, he recently assured well-wishers that he just passed out because he was dehydrated. He’s also said he has adopted a new health and wellness plan that includes acupuncture, physical therapy, a personal trainer, and weight loss.

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“I got sick and I got dehydrated and then I had to drink what they call Pedialytes – gallons of them,” he told Classic Rock Magazine. “I knew I was about to go and I didn’t want to just fall and hit. I was getting really dizzy and I’m going, ‘Oh my god, I think I’m gonna faint.’ So I didn’t want to stand there until I just fainted and cracked my skull open. So I just said, ‘Okay, I’m going to kinda go down.’ But about halfway down I went completely out, and I didn’t wake up until I got to the hospital.”

The wellness intervention has already gotten Meat Loaf halfway toward his weight loss goals.

“We’re trying to watch out for my health and make it easier onstage,” he said.


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