What Not To Say To A Woman

By: Beau Daniels

Here’s a guide on things not to say to a woman. If you’ve ever wondered what started a feud with your partner these might be why. I’m certainly surprised on some that are considered obnoxious in the Huffington Post story. Therapist Becky Whetstone comments, “Every marriage therapist has experienced a ‘cringe and wince’ factor when it comes to what couples say to each other, both in session and happenings reported when away from the therapist.”

How many times have you said “I’m Done,” during an argument? “This one is said so much it has become the ‘crying wolf’ phrase of many marriages. I tell clients these are very serious words and when you’re married, they scare your spouse. Never bandy about the idea that you are leaving unless you really are.”

I’m thought saying “Calm Down,” was a positive message, not so according to therapist Marcia Berger,, “In essence, you are denying the validity of her feelings. All feelings are valid even if you think hers don’t make sense. If she’s upset, she’ll love you for patiently listening to her express herself. So hear her out, nod and be supportive.” See 7 more here.

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