Today’s Lesson In Irony: Queen Gets A Republican Boost!

Queen may not be pleased with Donald Trump‘s using “We Are the Champions” in his campaign, but out of every perceived negative comes a positive.

In this case, it means more interest in the song on Shazam, a mobile app that recognizes music and TV around you — particularly in Cleveland, where Trump played it during the Republican National Convention on Monday.¬†Cleveland is usually Shazam’s number-26 market, but with all the attention being paid to “We Are the Champions,” it is now market number-five.

Spokesman¬†James Pearson says, “Shazam activity during cultural milestones like the GOP convention reflect how our data has become a great barometer of music’s influence on current events. It also illustrates how these ‘Shazam Spikes’ can reflect wide audience behavior.”

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