Surprisingly Long Celebrity Marriages

By: Beau Daniels

You often hear that celebrity marriages don’t last very long. You will be very surprised to learn which celebs have been married for a long time. The MSN report first lists Keith Richards and Patti Hanson, they have reached 32 years of matrimony, “I am married to a most beautiful woman. Elegant, graceful and as down to earth as you can get. Smart, practical, caring, thoughtful and a very hot horizontal consideration. I presume that a lot of luck is involved.”

Detroit original Alice Copper and Sheryl Goddard have reached 35 years, “I’ve been married to Sheryl for 35 years and never cheated on her. If you marry the person you’re in love with, you would never do anything to hurt her. Honestly, I have seen spectacularly beautiful women and said: ‘I’m not interested.'” She did say that him stopping alcohol consumption helped. Look here, you will be impressed with the rest.

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