Joe Walsh: Check Out New Music For An Upcoming Documentary “Citizen Soldier”

Joe Walsh has contributed a new song, “No Man’s Land” for the new documentary, Citizen’s Soldier. The track, which is not yet available for purchase, deals with the “issues facing U.S. military veterans of current conflicts in the Middle East.” Walsh told Billboard, “This is really a forgotten war over there. There’s not political candidate that has touched what we’re doing over there. Nobody. It’s not even talked about and it’s not even in the media. Nowhere can you get a report on what’s been going on or progress or even deaths or injuries or anything, and that’s just not OK with me. And these guys are coming home either missing arms or legs or just completely shattered, mentally. And I see homeless vets and I go, ‘That’s not OK.'”

  • Walsh went on to say, “I just hope that the documentary is a slap in the face or a wake-up call as to maybe revisiting what we’re doing over there and why and giving a f*** about it.”
  • The doc was shot by the Oklahoma National Guard’s 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team — aka The Thunderbirds. The team served in Afghanistan during the most recent surge “and used Go-Pro helmet cameras to record their day-to-day life there.”

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