Burger Tattoo Means Free Burgers For Life

By: Beau Daniels

Would you get a burger tattoo if you could get that burger free everyday for life? I’ve heard of tattoo sponsorship’s, but this one is getting a lot of attention, “Tattoos are for life, so why shouldn’t burgers be free for life too, right? This promotion is offered by Cafe 51. It’s simple, pick a burger, any burger from our current menu and get it tattooed anywhere on your body. You are then forever part of our #burgerfamily and you qualify to get this burger absolutely free everyday for the rest of your life. Coz we reckon that since you love us enough to join our #burgerfamily by getting a tattoo of one of our burgers, we love you enough to give you a free burger every day for the rest of your life!”

It’s all about the publicity, over ten thousand are expected to register for the offer. The burgers are required to be tattooed to a specific size but can be anywhere on the body. Of course they get the right to photograph and video the tat as often as they want. Details here.

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