Meet The Two Puppies That Survived 25 Days With No Food And Water

By: Beau Daniels

Two puppies survived 25 days sealed in a shipping container with no food and water. How is that possible? That’s why they are being called “miracle puppies.” Here’s what a vet had to say, “It is a miracle that the puppies survived without food or water for over three weeks. Generally, they can go without feed or water for about a week. This seems to be an extraordinary exception.”

No one is sure if this is the result of a cruel person just getting rid of their puppies or they were smuggled, “Ever since the Indian Government banned breeders from importing dogs from other countries, breeders have been looking for ways to smuggle “fresh stock” into India. Perhaps the crate was originally supposed to have been “intercepted” and released of its suffering “cargo” before proceeding to Salcomp, and that particular phase of the operation did not take place due to some unknown reason.”

Because of the ban on importing dogs, many assume that is why they were placed in the container. Oddity Central has more.

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