Mick Jagger, Bono to Appear in Upcoming Prince Documentary

By: Steve Kostan

Mick Jagger and Bono will be two of the artists to be featured and interviewed in a forthcoming documentary about the late Prince. It’s due out in the spring and will be called, Prince R U Listening.

Think about it, these two come from very different places musically with the Stones being a blues based band and U2 barley ever touching on that.

U2 had BB King on “When Loves Come to Town” but that was about it. Maybe a hint of a Bo Diddley beat on “Desire”. Billy Idol, Lenny Kravitz and others will also be in it. The fact that these artists are from such different musical backgrounds speaks volumes to the genius that was Prince.

My late hard rocking friend who had guitar tech-ed for the Seger, Grand Funk, Nugent, raved about Prince’s ripping guitar work in soundcheck. He would play AC/DC and other hard rock stuff during soundcheck just for kicks and he would kill it.

So Prince drew admirers from many diverse musical people. Remember Mick had the new and unknown Prince on a few of the Stones’ shows on the 1981 tour. Prince was Bboed and pelted by the crowd in LA when he opened. We didn’t see that lineup here at the Silverdome which by the way was Nov. 30th and Dec 1st in 1981. We had Santana, who was really hot, and before Carlos was Iggy Pop who was… booed and pelted! There were over 152,000 in attendance for those two shows 35 years ago.

Where any of YOU at those Stones shows in ’81?

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