Was 1984’s ‘This is Spinal Tap’ a Little Too Real?

By: Steve Kostan 

A little Spinal Tap fun for the weekend…We all thought Spinal Tap was a fun movie but some rockers like Ozzy and Tyler thought it was a little too close to home. They’ve had more than their share of such moments.

Joe Perry, in Ultimate Classic Rock, talks about an “adventure” in their private plane.

“Some of those little airports, the landing lights-they go on because the guy signals them on the radio. Well, the landing lights went off on the taxiway, and he ran the jet off the tarmac into the mud. So we all had to get out of the plane and push it back on the taxiway. You know it’s not a huge plane, but it was 2 AM after a show, and we’re, like, you know half in the bag. So we push this thing back onto the tarmac and then we took off. So that’s pretty Spinal Tap, right?”

Joe get’s no argument from me. It actually sounds like a few winter nights we’ve all had at that hour before! (Ritz, Harpo’s, Token, Jagger’s).

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