Snow Plow Takes Out Over 50 Mailboxes

By: Beau Daniels

A snow plow driver was caught on a person’s security camera knocking down mailboxes. Turns out the driver demolished over 50 mailboxes, resident Andrew Hartun speaks, “My neighbor called me and said your mailbox is down. I looked at the camera and couldn’t believe what I saw.”

This has happened to my mailbox at least 5 times, and I assumed there was noting I could do about it because of heavy snow until I saw the UPI story and what Hartung did, “On Wednesday I called the Township and finally the public works department gets back to me, saw the video and pretty much admitted it was their fault. There were 10 other mailboxes taken out just in my development alone. The town overall said 50 to 75 mailboxes total. That’s insane.”

Wet snow could be a big issue as confirmed by Alan Spector who is the Public Works Director, “Unfortunately, when you’re plowing something that’s heavy, regardless of your speed, it’s going to knock stuff over. The best way I can describe it is was like plowing wet cement and like a wave on the beach, what it hit it knocks over. Most of these mailboxes were the simple mailboxes that have the 4 by 4 posts in the ground.” But they do have budgeted money to compensate, “We have a township policy that’s capped at $50 per occurrence.” Video here.

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