Check Your Piggy Banks & Under Sofa Cushions for this $85,000 Penny

By: Jon CorriganĀ 

Before you toss aside that penny, be sure to check the date. Copper pennies from 1943 are among the most valuable vintage coins, and can be worth up to $85,000.

So, what makes this penny so valuable? During World War II, America conserved copper for the war effort and all pennies were cast in stainless steel that year – well, almost all pennies. A few copper version managed to sneak through by mistake and appraisers estimate their worth between $60,000 to $85,000, depending on the coin’s condition.

One of these pennies reportedly sold at auction in 2010 for $1.7 million.

If you come across a penny dated 1943 – which is rare to begin with – use a magnet to check. If there’s no magnetic pull, it’s likely copper and you could be in for a payday.

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