Brian May: There are Unreleased Queen & David Bowie Collaborations

By: Steve Kostan

Here’s something to look forward to. Apparently when Queen and David Bowie recorded “Under Pressure” the recording session did not stop there. They collaborated on a few more songs that remain in the vault in an unfinished state. Queen guitarist Brian May, whose is promoting his book “Queen in 3-D” told Mojo (via Radio X), the sessions were not easy as both Bowie and Queen were “precocious boys” and Bowie was particularly “forceful”. Hey that’s the key to many bands success. Being right but also being forceful enough to prevail without blowing up the band! Brian went on to say, “Those things happen in a studio, That’s when sparks fly that’s why it turned out so great. (They locked horns) in subtle ways like who would arrive last in the studio.” I wonder if there were any “Cologne Conflicts”! I for one would really like them to finish and release this stuff so we can all get a listen. They were 2 of the greats!

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