Imagine Being 35,000 Feet In The Air And Your Pilot Asks You To Pray….Twice! (Video)

Passengers on board an Air Asia flight from Perth, Australia to Malaysia want answers after the plane started violently shaking and the pilot made a very unnerving announcement.

About 90 minutes into the flight, passengers heard a loud bang and then the plane started shaking “like a washing machine.” The were told there was a “technical issue” and they would need to turn around and go back to Perth. The pilot then urged passengers to listen to instructions because “Our survival depends on your cooperating. Hopefully everything will turn out for the best.” He then announced, “I hope you all say a prayer. I’ll be saying a prayer too and let’s hope we all get back home safely.”

The plane continued to shake for the 90-minute return trip and landed safely in Perth without incident. Officials are investigating the cause of the technical issue and believe it was caused by a broken turbine in the engine. Passengers were eventually re-booked on other flights. (Mashable)

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