WHO To Play Van Andel Arena -- Steve Kostan Overjoyed

WHO To Play Van Andel Arena — Steve Kostan Overjoyed

By Steve Kostan
While most people are talking about other things, I accidentally came across this little gem while out at Jimmy Buffet at DTE the other night.

A listener/friend said, “ Steve, are you going to see the WHO @ Van Andel arena in Grand Rapids?”  

That one had slipped right under my radar.  

I really thought last year at the JLA could be my last time but maybe not. This Grand Rapids gig is their last before heading to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for a long stand.

I can honestly say the show here in Detroit last Feb of 2016, was probably my fave WHO show post John Entwistle. They first appeared in my ears just after the BEATLES and then the STONES. By the way, that was way before Led Zeppelin to this teen-age kid.  When you’re 13 years old, 3 years seemed like 30.  Now? Just the opposite!  

They are one of our all time greats and tickets start at $39.50. Remember Van Andel arena is COBO sized. It seats just over 10,000.  Smaller, closer. The date is Tuesday July, 25th. I’ve armed you with information.  Ok, now my arm is sore from windmill swinging. 

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