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Never Been on a Paddleboard? Here's Your Chance!All Pipeline Pursuit paddleboards will be available to try.
Concert Fans That Travel The FarthestWhat's the farthest you have traveled for a concert?
Assassination Attempt On Mick Jagger“Their plan involved making entry into his Long Island property, going by boat."
Where You Will Find The Tallest PeopleWhich country has the tallest people. I always thought the United States would be at the top of the list, no so.
Drunk Women Thought The Cops Arrived To Give The Magic Mike Treatment"When the two male officers arrived they were cheered by the crowd."
Surprisingly Long Celebrity MarriagesKeith Richards and Patti Hanson, they have reached 32 years of matrimony.
Insurance For Pokemon Go PlayersThe coverage for an accident is up to $800.
Michigan's Atlantis?Many are not aware of Michigan's underwater ghost town.
National Drive-Thru Day (July 24): Get Your Deals HereWhere to get deals and free stuff for Drive-thru Day!
Poll: Was Megyn Kelly's RNC Outfit Inappropriate for a Journalist?Give your opinion here with the Beau Poll.
Smashing iPhones New TrendIt has become an anti-American protest.
Cougar Naps On Woman's Front Porch [PHOTOS]"If you encounter a cougar, never turn your back or run away...that's the most important thing."

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WOMC's 'Fun in the Sun Summer' ContestListen for a chance to qualify for the grand prize of a 2016 Buick Encore, paddleboards and kayak!
Keith Richards Says Beatles Concerts 'Were Never Quite There'"Musically, the Beatles had a lovely sound and great songs. But the live thing? They were never quite there," Richards said.

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