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Woman Wins Michigan Lottery Twice, Guy Wins On His Birthday

Michigan Lottery winner’s are making national news.

104.3 WOMC–03/24/2017

Cougar Walks Up To Resident At Door Wall [VIDEO]

“It is not rare to have cougars approach windows and movement inside. Cougars are very curious and rely on sight to hunt for prey.”

104.3 WOMC–03/23/2017

Mobile Bus Offers Hangover Relief

Because a hangover is like being on anesthesia, they have an anesthesiologist giving service on the bus.

104.3 WOMC–03/22/2017

Amazing Michigan Coastal Restaurants

The list seen here of coastal restaurants adds to a great Michigan driving tour.

104.3 WOMC–03/22/2017

High School Assigns Prom Dates

“No matter who you get, you know you’re going to have a good time. It doesn’t leave anybody out. Everybody’s welcome to join, and no one’s not going to have a date.”

104.3 WOMC–03/21/2017

Priest Turns Church Into Bar After Services

The priest felt it was important because it kept his congregation closer to God.

104.3 WOMC–03/21/2017

Fragrance That Smells Like Cat

“15 years in the making, we’ve captured the olfactory essence of warmth and comfort. Cat lover or not, this beautiful scent is sure to satisfy your curiosity.”

104.3 WOMC–03/20/2017

The Friendliest Town In Michigan

The town calls themselves “The Friendly City.”

104.3 WOMC–03/17/2017

Snow Plow Takes Out Over 50 Mailboxes

“We have a township policy that’s capped at $50 per occurrence.”

104.3 WOMC–03/17/2017

Clear Knee Mom Jeans

“I’ve always loved my kneecaps. So when I saw this pair of see-through kneecapped jeans, I had to get my hands on them!”

104.3 WOMC–03/16/2017


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