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2012 People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

High School Says: We MUST Pre-Approve Prom Dresses!

Just six weeks before their prom female students at a high school in Pennsylvania were informed that they would need to have their prom dresses preapproved by the faculty in order to attend the dance. […]

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Bobby & Stacey’s Book Club: Dennis Lehane Interview

Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone and countless other books talked to Bobby & Stacey about his recent release World Gone By.  Maybe you haven’t read the books, but you’ve […]

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Hitting The Bar – With Your Mom?

According a new survey, lots of moms and daughters are going out to clubs together. One in four young women say they go out to bars with their moms. More than a third say they’d invite […]

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Madonna Slams Rochester Hills: No Love For Hometown

In a recent interview Madonna said that she never felt like she fit in while growing up in Rochester Hills and that she never considered returning. “I just didn’t want to go back. I can’t […]

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Hall & Oates Lawsuit Against Haulin’ Oats

Daryl Hall and John Oates are suing a granola company for copyright infringement. They have taken action in Brooklyn federal court against the Early Bird Company because of their “artisanal oatmeal blend” called Haulin’ Oats, currently […]

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Trevor and his siblings

Local Teen Needs Heart: How YOU Can Help

A few weeks ago one of my son’s friends wasn’t feeling well.  He told his parents, who took him to the emergency room and he was quickly airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. As a […]

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Friday The 13th Got You Down?, Friday The 13th, Fear Of Friday The 13th, Friday The 13th Superstitions

How To Tell If YOU Are The Crazy Friend

Every group has one, that crazy friend you keep around the for the ideas, drama, and just plain fun.  Maybe YOU are the crazy friend?  The first step is acceptance. Here’s the signs that you […]

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Madonna Returns to Detroit: Joe Louis on October 1

The opening night of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour is August 29th in Miami and she hits Detroit on October 1 at Joe Louis Arena.  Were you surprised we were included?  She was booed in Detroit in […]

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Stacey Not “Nerdy” Enough For Summer Vacation

If you’re a regular listener of Bobby & Stacey (and we’re assuming you are!) then you know that my husband and son are major superhero geeks.  You may remember that I had to pass a quiz […]

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School Closings

Click HERE to get all the school closings for today.

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