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Best And Worst Jobs of 2014  just came out with a list of the best and worst jobs for 2014.  Is your job on the list?  Ours is!  And we can’t believe it!  We LOVE waking you up every morning. [...]

104.3 WOMC–04/16/2014


Create Your Own BLUMQUIST File and WIN!

We know it’s hard to try and win tickets while you’re at work.  It’s quiet, no one wants to hear your screaming when you win, no one wants to hear you slamming the phone down [...]

104.3 WOMC–04/10/2014

Bobby Mitchell's cublicle

What Your Cubicle Says About You

How you decorate your cubicle tells your co-workers more than you know.

104.3 WOMC–04/09/2014

Bobby Slayton with Bobby & Stacey

Bobby Slayton at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

Bobby Slayton stopped by the WOMC studio before his gig at Mark Ridley’s.  He and Bobby Mitchell go waaaaaay back.  Catch him at Ridley’s this weekend, or enjoy three minutes of fun by listening to [...]

104.3 WOMC–04/04/2014

Happy April Fool's Day!

Last Minute April Fool’s Day Pranks For The Office

Have fun! And remember that Bobby & Stacey are not responsible for retaliation, dirty looks, or loss off co-worker affection.

104.3 WOMC–04/01/2014

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Noah Director Honors 7th Grade Teacher

I love this story! Noah director Darren Aronofsky honored his seventh-grade teacher, Vera Fried, at the film’s premiere because he was first inspired to make the epic back at Mark Twain Junior High Sschool when Ms. Fried gave the class an assignment to write about peace.

104.3 WOMC–03/28/2014

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Actor Writes His Own Moving Obituary (Tissues needed)

James Rebhorn, the longtime film and television actor, penned a touching recollection of his own life in an obituary written before his death last week at age 65. It was shared by his church on [...]

104.3 WOMC–03/25/2014

Holly is distressed that she is shortening her life

Sitting All Day Is Shortening Your Life

According to a new study, sitting too much ends up breaking down your body and causing you to have trouble with ordinary daily tasks as you get older. Researchers found that for every hour of sitting [...]

104.3 WOMC–03/12/2014


We Will Rock You To Close in London

After a successful 12 years, the original London production of Queen‘s We Will Rock You will dim the lights for the final time on June 1st. Guitarist Brian May says, “It’s actually quite heartbreaking to lose this great talented family, [...]

104.3 WOMC–03/12/2014

Juan Pablo and Nikki

The Bachelor Finale: Recap

Did you watch The Bachelor finale last night?  I must admit that I fell asleep. I have no proof of this, but I totally saw what was coming and didn’t feel like forcing myself to [...]

104.3 WOMC–03/11/2014