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  1. Frank Johnson says:

    There’s a great new book called “Becoming Jimi Hendrix” that captures the guitarist’s years as he struggles to survive Harlem and the R&B circuit.

  2. prophetjimi says:

    JH is an evolutionary mutation in human perception towards capacity to remote view rocks in space. Publications of the era confirm he is the original “rock star” – as in asteroid/comet – our subliminal recognition of his role in alerting us to asteroid threat. All living planets evolve a version of JH as an “alarm.” For 7 yrs. I was trained to be director of the Hendrix estate production company and I edited the autobio of JH “in his own words” – when I uncovered his obsession with asteroid prediction, which was to be the next Hendrix company project, Microsoft’s Paul Allen spent many millions to stop it and have the research suppressed, which it has been for many years. The evidence is overwhelming and pertains entirely to the future, not the past. Details are on a suppressed website, you can try to bring up – but Microsoft, NASA and the Pentagon have the site surrounded by supercomputers and the only browsers that usually get thru do so because I.T. defectors risk Gitmo to lift the web’s Iron Curtain.

    It’s the most important story of our civilization, and the most persecuted and concealed by Mogul Controlled dominator media – like a new Gnostic Gospels, and will form the new religion for whatever life forms evolve/visit here after the impact.

    “Electric Love penetrates the sky, the Mountain Falls in the Sea, the Sun refuses to shine, NO ONE on Earth will escape, just let the pretentious people stay in their pretentious bag.” – Jimi Hendrix

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