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MusicTown Launch PartyMusicTown inside Hockeytown opened for business on Sept. 14.
Kid Rock At Little Caesars Arena (09/14/2017)Kid Rocked Little Caesars Arena for the second night.
Kid Rock At Little Caesars Arena (09/13/2017)Little Caesars Arena if officially open for business.
U2 Concert @ Ford Field
Photo Pit Stop At Woodward Dream Cruise
All The Cars That Stopped By Our Photo Pit StopVote for your favorite here:

One Comment

  1. Paul James says:

    Chevrolet, did a fantastic job sponsoring the dream cruise this year. Your photo booths were great. They gave the drivers of classics to look forward to see there dream car in an old back ground back drop to the years the cars were born in. Very cool!!. Also, it is one place that only allow cruisers!!! If I may have 1 suggestion, if Chevy can have any pull in getting rid of all the 1980’s cars to present, not to drive in the right two lanes, this would be the best thing fo the cruise. FYI – Gratiot Cruise does this. All cruisers have to by a $10.00 pass to cruise in the right two lanes. The lanes are closed off with pylons that stretch about 5 miles long, and they put volunteers and police to watch for the non cruisers. If they find they are not cruisers, they give them a warning and then if they catch them again, they give them a parking ticket at $50.00. This keeps all the newere vehicles to the left side of the road and it keeps the cruisers where there supposed to be, in front of the people watching the show. Thank you for listening and if you need someone to spear head this, please contact me. Thanks again and we had a great time with our 55 chevy!! Paul James

    1. 104.3 WOMC says:

      Glad you enjoyed the backdrops and the photo contest! All classics in the right hand lanes is a wonderful idea!

  2. Susie says:

    Great Picture of the Grabber Blue Boogie Van!!!!



    1. 104.3 WOMC says:

      Hey Larry, sorry to hear that. We passed along your information to the tech people at Chevrolet. They should be getting back to you.

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