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Ann Arbor Reacts To Wild Turkey on Their Streets

People in the deuce are freaking out over a wild turkey that seems to be setting in around the University of Michigan North campus. Another turkey was spotted before its demise with a vehicle. UPI […]

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Michigan Dog Care Facility is Cage Free With Swimming Pool [VIDEO]

Would you pay extra for doggie daycare that is cage free and offers pool parties for the canines? There is actually a facility here is Michigan that offers those services. Lucky Puppy Doggie Daycare in […]

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People Watch ‘Jaws’ While Floating in a Lake [VIDEO]

Imagine watching the movie Jaws while floating on an inner-tube

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Michiganders Fowling Game is Becoming Huge [VIDEO]

Are you open for new recreational games? I see new games popping up all the time and often on Shark Tank. Props to a Michigan man who has invented a game that has attracted national […]

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The Problems of Living With a Clean Freak

Do you have a clean freak in your life? I’m a germ freak but not a clean freak. By looking at the Rant Chic story I can see that it can be difficult living with […]

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Partners That Facebook Post About Each Other Are In Better Relationships

Do you believe a study that says couples who post on Facebook about each other are more likely to be in a better relationship than most? Personally I get annoyed with a couples who constant […]

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Man Jumps Columbus Zoo Barrier to Pet Cougars [VIDEO]

Columbus Zoo is in the news after a professed animal lover jumped a barrier to pet the cougars.

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Carrie Underwood Voted Hottest Legs

Who do you think has the hottest legs in the music industry?

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Women Protest Against The Title “Trophy Wife”

What do you think of the title “Trophy Wife?” A protest movement has begun to force a retailer to take their woman’s t-shirt saying “Trophy” off the market, should they? That would take away your […]

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Healthy Fly Burgers

What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? How about a fly burger. If your all about nutrition, Oddity Central reports that the fly burgers has six times the protein of regular burgers. The average burger contains […]

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