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Detroit’s Best Rooftop Bars

Jump into the list since our season is short.

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Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Johnny and 38 Special’s Donnie Leak Live Recording [VIDEO]

Leaked audio from their live album to be released July 1st.

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Here Are The Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales

The sales you should jump on and those you should pass.

104.3 WOMC–05/26/2016

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Completely Automated Parking Garage [VIDEO]

By: Beau Daniels Tired of the hassle and nuance of some parking garages? Here’s a fully automated parking garage in the video. The city of West Hollywood hopefully has started a trend we will see […]

104.3 WOMC–05/25/2016

Photo by Chris Schwegler / Palace Sports Entertainment

Win 4 Eddie Money Tickets With The “Beau Code”

Look here for the winning code.

104.3 WOMC–05/24/2016

Beau Daniels far right with a perm in the late 70's.

Man Perms Are Coming Back

Look far right in the throwback blurred picture at my perm.

104.3 WOMC–05/24/2016

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Detroit Police Department’s ‘Running Man Challenge’ Goes Viral

Watch and compare with others PD’s from around the world.

104.3 WOMC–05/24/2016


32 Legit Side Jobs That Pay Very Well

Being a corporate spy looks fun.

104.3 WOMC–05/23/2016


A Huge List Of New Music Releases Scheduled Next Month

By: Beau Daniels Music seems to explode in June especially with the huge Summer concert season here in the Metro. June is also an explosion of new releases from WOMC artist. UCL provides a rundown […]

104.3 WOMC–05/20/2016


Contest To Spend The Night In The Paris Eiffel Tower

Do you want to enter the contest?

104.3 WOMC–05/20/2016

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