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Snorting Chocolate? [VIDEO]

I guess people are running out of thrills. I can’t imagine and would never consider snorting chocolate, also you should not consider doing this either. But since this is happening at party’s, including a Rolling […]

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New Power Source, Urine-Tricity

Have you ever heard of urine creating electricity? It’s called urine-tricity and is now being considered to power restrooms in refuge camps. UPI reports that the technology was developed a couple of years ago, using […]

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New George Harrison Tree Planted To Replace The Original Killed By Beetles

A new tree was planted in honor of George Harrison to replace the original tree that was destroyed by, get this, beetles. The LA Times reports that the tree was switched to a yew, which […]

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Another Paul McCartney Collaboration With Kanye West

For all you Kanye West haters, Paul McCartney seems to like him. McCartney has collaboration on another song with Kanye which has the be a win-win for both. It gives West more cred and Paul […]

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Stinky Town

Which town in our metro smells the most? If I polled the state of Kentucky, it would Louisville. UPI reports that a musty smell has been stinking up Louisville for some time and now the […]

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Robert Plant Has A New Live Release For Record Store Day

Are you familiar with Record Store Day? It’s a date when artist decide to release vinyl versions of their music. The date is April 18th, and Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Robert Plant will be […]

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15K For Grateful Dead Reunion Tickets? [BEAU POLL]

What’s the most you ever paid for a concert ticket? How about $15,000 for tickets to the Grateful Dead reunion! UPI reports that three shows are scheduled for Chi-Town. The tickets went on sale this […]

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The Arrest Record Of The Rolling Stones

Curious about how many times members of the Rolling Stones have been arrested. Here’s an interesting look at the arrest record of the band provided by Ultimate Classic Rock. The arrest seem to be spread-out […]

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Kid Rock Expresses His Opinion On Beyonce And Jimmy Buffett

Ultimate Classic Rock reports on what Kid Rock had to say about some well known artists in the industry. First off I think he and Kanye West would butt heads over their opinions of Beyonce, […]

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New Re-Issued Bad Company With 26 Bonus Tracks

Are you a Bad Company fan? I’m pretty stoked about the re-releases of the albums “Bad Company” and “Straight Shooter”. Ultimate Classic Rock says the re-issued albums will be available on April 7th. Being re-mastered […]

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