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Flying Drones With Mistletoe [VIDEO]

Do you love kissing under the mistletoe? Would you enjoy kissing under a drone carrying mistletoe? I love this, NY Daily reports that TGIF Fridays is flying drones with mistletoe. Rachel Waller from Fridays explains, [...]

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Hotel Charges An Extra $150 For Bad Review

Careful what you post about your hotel stays. Also read the fine print for your reservation. UPI reports that one couple was so unhappy about their stay. they posted, “rotten stinking hovel” on Trip Advisor. [...]

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Tricks To Make You Buy

Are you a shopaholic? Maybe it’s the retailers tricks that hooked you. Yahoo has a list of ways retailers get you to buy. Turns out musicm is very important on targeting certain demos. I agree, [...]

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Old Atari Games Bring Big Cash

Do you have any old Atari games? If so you could be rolling in some cash. I did not realize these games have become valuable until I saw the story from WTSP about one games [...]

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Bruce Springsteen Makes His Concert Audio Available For Purchase

Have you ever wanted an audio copy of a concert you had seen? That’s a big yes from me. I’ve often wanted a copy of the audio that was mixed out of the concert soundboard. [...]

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The Best Day For Christmas Shopping

Which day do you feel is the best for Christmas shopping? Leave it to Forbes to tell us the best day for getting deals for Christmas shopping. Forbes reports that retailers are encouraging early shopping [...]

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Time Spent Christmas Shopping For Men Vs Women

How much time do you spend Christmas shopping? Daily Mail has the results of an interesting survey on how much time men take to do their Christmas shopping versus women, and also compared spending. We [...]

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Mick Fleetwood Urinated On The White House Lawn

Do you think less of Mick Fleetwood for whizzing on the White House lawn? In Ultimate Classic Rock, they reveal Mick did do his business outside at the White House during his chummy days with [...]

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Good Looks Equals Success At Work

Business Insider reports about how important appearance is for success. Information scientist from our University of Michigan break down the reasons why appearance is important to success. The part about being socially more acceptable makes [...]

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$18,000 For Just Laying In Bed

Would you lie in bed three months for $18,000? Oddity Central reports that NASA is paying Andrew Iwanicki to do just that, and he’s already earning his stay, “My bed is in the NASA Flight [...]

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