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Robert Plant Not Enthusiastic About The Led Zeppelin Bonus Tracks

Robert Plant is not feeling the newly released Led Zeppelin bonus tracks. Ultimate Classic Rock posted Plants reaction to the reissued tracks, “Because it’s so long ago. What you’re hearing there is mostly work-in-progress stuff. [...]

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Trash Vigilante Throws Tossed Garbage Back In Vehicle Windows [VIDEO]

What do you think about trash vigilante? I’m talking about a woman that drives around on a motorcycle looking for people who toss trash out their vehicle, she picks it up and throws it back [...]

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Amazing New Releases From Mega-Artists Coming In October

Wow, if your into to new releases from classic artists, then you should be excited for the upcoming releases in October. Ultimate Classic Rock reveals that mega-artists Bob Seger, Stevie Nicks and Led Zeppelin are [...]

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Dog Hair Purses

Most of us are serious dog lovers, but would you want a purse made out of dog hair? Imagine what some of the fur coats are made of, then a purse that is not necessary [...]

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Pastor In Jail For Loud Church

Should there be noise ordinances for churches? A city noise ordinance caused a pastor to be arrested. WTSP reports that pastor Johnnie Clark was fined and is serving jail time after being charged and found [...]

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Texting Pedestrian Sidewalk Lanes

Should cities create separate sidewalk lanes for texters? UPI reports that a city has already created a separate cellphone and texting lane along with one that is cellphone free. It appears that texting while walking [...]

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Bob Seger Tells Us The Inspiration Behind “Detroit Made” [VIDEO]

Bob Seger’s song “Detroit Made” is creating big noise here at home. In my opinion this song could eventually have as much impact as Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long,” just give it some time. The [...]

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At Work Smell Test

Do you prefer to be down wind or up wind from your of your co-worker? In other words do they smell good or bad. AZ Central reports that an odor test is conducted on San [...]

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ZZ Top Rescheduled Some Shows

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that the ZZ Top tour with Jeff Beck will resume in 2015. We were all bummed about the show being cancelled here at DTE. Unfortunately at this time, the story does [...]

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Michigan Woman Makes Getaway In Shopping Cart

Because she did not feel like walking, a Fruitport Township, Michigan woman decided to make a shoplifting getaway in one of the stores shopping carts. She made it about two miles before police found her. [...]

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