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The Internet Makes Us Dumber

There is a positive to this.

104.3 WOMC–5 hours ago


Remember These Controversial Super Bowl Commercials? [VIDEO]

Some will blow you away.

104.3 WOMC–02/05/2016


Michigan Couple Arrested For Silly String Fight

Should they have been arrested?

104.3 WOMC–02/03/2016


Ordering this Food Will Increase Your Second Date Chances by 170%

But, be prepared to spend a few extra bucks.

104.3 WOMC–02/03/2016


Attending Superbowl Parties Increases the Chance of Picking Up a Deadly Virus

Facts to back-up your fear of double dipping.

104.3 WOMC–02/03/2016


Excuses For Being Late at Work

These come from HR departments.

104.3 WOMC–02/02/2016

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

List of The 7 Wonders of Detroit

There are a couple of surprises.

104.3 WOMC–02/01/2016


Breast Milk Jewelry Very Popular With Moms [VIDEO]

There is an emotional connection.

104.3 WOMC–01/31/2016

Beau gets Roop to wear hat for 1st time in 30 years

Fox 2’s Roop Raj Wears Hat For The 1st Time in 30 Years For Gleaners

This will be the only time you see Roop wearing a hat.

104.3 WOMC–01/29/2016


Please Become a Hunger Hero Today

One dollar can provide 6 meals!

104.3 WOMC–01/29/2016

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