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Artist Makes Money From Peoples Instagram Photos

Would you be upset if someone was making money off of your Instagram photos? One guy is making big cash from peoples Instagram pics without asking permission. Oddity Central tells us about the artist Richard […]

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Anti-Tanning Mask

Would you wear an anti-tanning mask? This might be another reason while Asian women have youthful looking faces. Originally starting as the Facekini, Oddity Central reports the anti-tanning masks are becoming very popular in China. […]

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U.S. Naval Officer Not Allowed to Wear Uniform in Hotel Lounge [VIDEO]

A sailor was turned away from a hotel’s cocktail lounge because her U.S. Navy uniform didn’t meet their dress code.

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The Forbes Power Women

Do you have power women in your workplace? Most of my main bosses through out my career have been women, and they are all amazing. Forbes has come out with their Power Women List of […]

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Oldest Person in the World is From Detroit

I guess there’s something to be said about the life expectancy of people living in Detroit. No I’m not talking about a short life expectancy, I’m talking about the oldest person on Earth being a […]

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Things You Don’t Know About Men

Here are some interesting things you ladies might not have known about men. Rant Chic provides the list that might make you think guys are more warm and fuzzy than first thought. Hard to believe, […]

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Feces From Plane Dropped on Birthday Party [VIDEO]

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “make it rain.” How about making it rain feces on a 16-year-old’s birthday party?

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Employees Throw Orange Paint Balls At Shoplifters

Here’s an interesting way to fight crime. You’ve heard how bank bags with cash explode after being stolen, and blue stuff taints the money and other things. A new concept to help stop shoplifters is […]

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Kids Shamed At School With Cheese Sandwich?

How would you react if your kid was shamed. Lisa Hogan feels her two 7-year-olds Justin and Hailie were shamed by their school when they were fed only cheese on bread instead of the regular […]

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Restaurant Offers Discounts Based On Skirt Hemline

Should a restaurant be allowed to operate with discounts for women wearing short skirts? I find the” more leg” discount amazing in two ways, it’s unusual they are allowed to discriminate against those not showing […]

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