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Why are Female Celebrities Growing Out Their Armpit Hair?

Apparently it’s trendy?

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Things Women Do That Men Don’t Find Attractive

By: Beau Daniels Wow, this is interesting, many of the things women do to be more attractive are things guys find not attractive in a woman. I realize you are looking good for yourself and […]

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Female Flight Attendants Hazed, Stuffed in Overhead Bins

You can’t make this stuff up.

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Performance Reviews Great For Marriages

By: Beau Daniels Have you ever evaluated your partners overall relationship performance? Daily Mail has a story that suggest six month performance reviews by couples creates lasting relationships. Just like at work, performance reviews help […]

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Female Piercings Ranked

By: Beau Daniels I’m not into body piercings but many of you women are. Rant Chic ranks the best and worst piercings. Fortunately the usual ear and belly button piercings are at the top, also […]

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Jean Companies Consider This Woman’s Derriere Perfect

Natasha Wagner is said to have the perfect butt, at least according to many top jean companies. Oddity Central reports Wagner being hired to model jeans for numerous brands including Levi’s, Lucky Brand, Gap, Vince, […]

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Parents Upset Over Provocative Homecoming Dress Code

By: Beau Daniels We’ve all heard about dress codes for high schools including instructions on what to and not wear to dances. Check out these instructions recently given to high school students,”Your dresses should be […]

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Woman Purposely Blinds Herself [VIDEO]

This is so, so bizarre.

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Small Dog Defends Home From Bears [VIDEO]

It’s amazing how small pets can be fearless.

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