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Smokey And Elton Collaborate On A Track [AUDIO]

I love it when artists release collaboration albums that feature interesting superstars singing their stuff. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Detroit’s Smokey Robinson has such a project called “Smokey and Friends.” Below is audio from [...]

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Mom Disciplines Her Daughter By Selling Her Concert Tickets

Would you sell your kids concerts tickets to teach them a lesson. UPI reports that a mom did just that. The moms name is Cindy Bjerke and she called her kid a “spoiled brat” and [...]

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Picking Up The Scent Of Your Next Partner

Oddity Central has exposed an interesting way to choose a person. The so-called “Pheromone Parties” have people deciding who they would like to meet by only sniffing personal items. So ladies you might want to [...]

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Relationships Today Compared To The 90’s [VIDEO]

I came across this awesome video from Buzzfeed that compares dating in the 90’s compared to today. I don’t want to get to specific but technology has changed many things, especially the way we interact. [...]

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Punch Thrown At Justin Bieber By Orlando Bloom [VIDEO]

I guess many of us would like to see Justin Bieber get punched. The NY Daily News reports that this all went down in a popular restaurant in Spain. Apparently and unfortunately for some, Orlando [...]

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A Restaurant That Bans Crying Kids

Would you support a restaurant that bans crying children? I was intrigued after seeing the story by UPI about the Old Fisherman’s Grotto restaurant in Monterey posting signs that discourages you bringing a child in. [...]

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Wristband Shocks If Your Not Getting Enough Exercise

Would you consider wearing a wristband that shocks if you don’t enough exercise? Behavioral science has motivated Maneesh Sethi in creating Pavlok, a device that try’s to improve your habits by giving you a jolt. [...]

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Doobie Brothers‘ Next Album ‘Southbound’ Going Country

Do you want to hear country artist sing songs by the Doobie Brothers? Their next album called “Southbound” is featuring some of Country’s best singing some of the Doobies best. Featured on the album is [...]

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Fashionable Gas Mask

I’ve seen people wear bullet proof vest as a fashion statement. Now fashionable gas mask are available for the social conscience. So if you are in fear of a catastrophe, and want to look fashionable [...]

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Ace Frehley Exposes Some Topics From His Upcoming Book

Do you desire to read more behind the scene stories about KISS? Ace Frehley is ready to put some more out there. When there is a book, usually that means an upcoming project. Yes, he [...]

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