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Daughter Pleads For Christmas Cards To Be Sent To Her Lonely Mom

The response has been amazing. If you would like to contribute to this woman’s happiness, see more here from UPI.

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Pink Hoodie Designed To Relax Athletes Before Competition

By: Beau Daniels What color calms you? According to Steve Tidball it’s the color pink. He believes that so much that he and a partner created pink hoodies for athletes to help them relax before […]

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Woman Buys All Items In Toy Store and Donates Them to the Homeless [VIDEO]

By: Beau Daniels Here’s your feel good story for the weekend courtesy of UPI. We are entering that time of the year when people who are blessed start giving to others. New York businesswoman Carol […]

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Parents Fined For Having Kids That Bully

By: Beau Daniels Should parents be fined for having kids that are bullies? Plover, WI, Police Chief Dan Ault, has proposed an ordinance that will allow the police to fine parents $124 if they decide […]

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Selfie Postage Stamps

By: Beau Daniels Just when you think the selfie phenomenon has peaked, comes the selfie postage. Yesterday it was Justin Bieber selfies for $2000, now India has started selling stamps with customers pictures. RN Yadav, […]

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Dog Walks 200 Miles To Be With Rescuer

By: Beau Daniels I’ve seen dogs journey for miles to be with the one they love. I remember moving and having to drive back several times to my old house to fetch my dog who […]

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$2000 For a Selfie With Justin Bieber

By: Beau Daniels How much would you pay for a selfie with your favorite artist? According to MLive if it’s Justin Bieber the cost is $2000. A group photo is $900. I guess that’s just […]

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Best To Get Married Before Age 30?

By: Beau Daniels Is it best to marry before age 30? I often tell people in a half serious way, to wait and get married until your 30’s because it will save you one divorce. […]

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Themed Cafe Only Employees Chubby Waitresses

By: Beau Daniels Themed cafes are popping up all over the place. The lasted is a cafe that employees only chubby women as servers. The waitresses are called ‘marshmallow girls.’ This is a body positive […]

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World’s First Car Vending Machine [VIDEO]

By: Beau Daniels Would you ever buy a car from a vending machine? It’s operated by a company called Caravan, CEO, Ernie Garcia speaks about the dispenser, “The experience itself is exactly a vending machine […]

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