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Court Orders Kid Rock To Turn Over Gift From Insane Clown Posse

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Kid Rock has been ordered to turn over an adult toy that he received as a gift from Insane Clown Posse. This is part of a sexual harassment lawsuit that [...]

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Postal Worker Trashes Salon For Bad Hairdo

Has you hairdresser ever made you cry? Good because that emotional released might of kept you from going ballistic. A botched hairdo made a postal worker go postal on a salon. The result was five [...]

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Sarah Palin Blames Sammy Hagar Song For Her Speeding Ticket

What song makes you drive fast? Many have blamed Sammy Hagar’s song “I Can’t Drive 55,” and most recently so did Sarah Palin. She was busted for doing 63 mph in a 45 mph zone. [...]

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Vending Machine Feeds Stray Dogs [VIDEO]

Does your city need vending machines that feed stray animals? A very innovative company has developed a vending machine that dispenses dog food and water when recycled plastic bottles are donated. These machines don’t cost [...]

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Baseball Umpire Calls Strikeout Then Shouts 2 Chainz [VIDEO]

Remember when umpires were entertaining? Well thanks to this UPI story it’s great to see that we still have one. Would you love going to a game and hear an umpire shout things like song [...]

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George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed By Beetles

How strange is it that a tree planted in memory of George Harrison was killed by beetles? The Pine tree was planted in 2004 near the Griffith Observatory. In a not so cute statement Los [...]

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Saginaw County Jail Replacing Orange Jumpsuits Because They Are Fashionable

Are orange jumpsuits really fashionable? The Saginaw County sheriff thinks so. He is replacing the orange with black and white stripes in his jail. UPI reports that orange is the new black and authorities are [...]

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Men Are Worst At Secret Purchases

Have you ever busted your partner on a secret purchase? If your a man then you have more to be concerned about because the latest research reported by Daily Mail indicates that guys make more [...]

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Paul McCartney’s New Sound, Electronic?

Paul has been busy with a world tour, earlier released a new album, and battled a very bad viral infection. Now comes rumors of his next project. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that his next venture [...]

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Public Toilets For Dogs

Should cities create public toilets for dogs? One town believes it’s a good way to deal with dog waste. Their canine public toilet has two sections, a doggy potty and a doggy urinal. The canine [...]

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