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What People Ask Michiganders

What do outsiders ask you when they find out your from Michigan? Seems we do get interrogated a lot. Movoto has nailed it with their list of comments and questions towards Michiganders. There are several […]

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104 Year-Old Woman Claims Drinking 3 Pops A Day Is Her Secret To Longevity

What’s your health secret? AZ Central reports on an 104 year old woman who says her secret is drinking 3 bottles of Dr Pepper a day. She started the routine over forty years ago. Of […]

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Stop Wearing After Age 30

What should women stop wearing after age 30? Rant Chic gives some good advice for mature ladies still trying to re-live their youth. See the list here of 24 fashion statements women beyond 30 should […]

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Reasons You Need A BFF

Do you have a BFF that knows all your secrets. Rant Chic gives us the importance of having that type of friend. Think about it, who else can help you get over a bad relationship. […]

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Sound Waves Put Out Fire [VIDEO]

Did you know that sound waves can put out fire? WTSP reports that a couple of seniors at George Mason University have come up was a new fire extinguisher that douses fire with sound waves. […]

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Relieving Work Stress

How do you relieve stress at work? I see many go for walks, some just stand-up and take a cleansing breath, and many go for lunch time walks. Where I work is amazing, we actually […]

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What Not To Say To A Woman

What are some things guys should not say to a woman? It gets creepy sometimes when you hear especially an old guy who still thinks he’s a player in his twenty’s talking like one. Rant […]

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Disco Grocery Store

Are you interested in shopping at a grocery store that is also a disco? Its a new concept in grocery retail called “grocery disco.” Oddity Central reports that the store is decorated like a disco, […]

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Preschool For Adults

Would you be interested in going to an adult preschool? We all want to relive our youth, so maybe this is good. Oddity Central tells us about an actual preschool for adults. Michelle Joni Lapidos […]

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Def Leppard Massive Tour And New Album

Are you excited for the Def Leppard concert and new album? As I posted before the tour will not feature music from the new album util it is released, because they don’t want people getting […]

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