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John Mellencamp, Meg Ryan Break-Up. Say It Isn’t So!

John Mellencamp age 62 and Meg Ryan 52, have broken off their 3 year relationship according to a story from People. The Magazine has a quote from a source, “It was the distance. She lives [...]

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Genesis Getting The Band Back Together

Would you like for Genesis to get the band back together? Ultimate Classic Rock is speculating about a possible reunion of the band including Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. After the group came together for [...]

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Storm Stops Rick Springfield Concert And Destroys His Equipment [VIDEO]

Rick Springfield had to cancel a show at the Fallon County Fair because of a severe thunderstorm that blew threw. The storm damaged some of his equipment and also enabled some of the fairs animals [...]

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Shoe Vending Machines

Here’s something for you ladies who like wearing high heels and also love taking them off before going home. Entrepreneur Ashley Ross from Las Vegas is offering vending machines with shoes. The shoes are basic, [...]

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“Bless You” Banned From Class

UPI reports that a 17 year old student was kicked out of class for saying “bless you.” The student feels that religious persecution was involved. I guess there is an old wise tale saying that [...]

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No Spare Tire In New Cars

Consumer Reports informs us that most cars in the near future will no longer carry spare tires, a few of the more expensive rides will have tires that run while flat. Some of the reasons [...]

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KISS & Def Leppard On Stage Together [VIDEO]

Ultimate Classic Rock is reporting that Def Leppard has performed KISS music on their tour with the band. The story implies that the groups seam to be having fun with each other, so much that [...]

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A Quarter Of A Million To Raise A Child

According to CNN, not counting college it takes $245,000. to raise a child to the age of 18. Throw in all those dance lessons and junior sporting events, and imagine how much more that would [...]

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App Disables Your Kids Phone Until Call Back

There are all kinds of genius apps our there especially for parents. Some tack your kids movements with their phone. Here’s one for you parents who get frustrated when your kids do not call back [...]

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What Do You Steal?

I have heard several story’s and comments about things most people steal not thinking it is stealing. Most of this stuff is taken from work and some from hotels. I’ve seen the usual toilet paper [...]

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