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Feces From Plane Dropped On Birthday Party [VIDEO]

You’ve heard the saying “make it rain.” How about making it rain feces on a sixteen years old birthday party. I’ve heard of planes dumping jet fuel in the sky assuming it evaporates or is […]

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Employees Throw Orange Paint Balls At Shoplifters

Here’s an interesting way to fight crime. You’ve heard how bank bags with cash explode after being stolen, and blue stuff taints the money and other things. A new concept to help stop shoplifters is […]

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Kids Shamed At School With Cheese Sandwich?

How would you react if your kid was shamed. Lisa Hogan feels her two 7-year-olds Justin and Hailie were shamed by their school when they were fed only cheese on bread instead of the regular […]

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Restaurant Offers Discounts Based On Skirt Hemline

Should a restaurant be allowed to operate with discounts for women wearing short skirts? I find the” more leg” discount amazing in two ways, it’s unusual they are allowed to discriminate against those not showing […]

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Slow Poke Law Fines Slower Drivers In The Left Lane

Would you like moving violation tickets given to slow drivers in the left lane? I love the “Slow Poke Law” in Georgia, they have been seriously enforcing the law against slower left lane drivers, even […]

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Tree Planted On High Schools Baseball Infield

What was your senior prank? Mine was water ballooning the teachers. Fortunately they were teachers that actually like me so no repercussions occurred, although it did cross the line for in school behavior. The worst […]

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Macho Cafe Is A Hooters Type Option For Women

Ladies do you feel you deserve a restaurant option like Hooters and Twin Peaks? Well, Macho Cafe has popped-up and hopefully makes its way to the Detroit metro. The cafe offers a healthier option vs […]

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Paint Your Lawn Green During A Drought

Would you consider painting your grass green during a drought, and save water? That what Californians are doing during their massive drought. Many of those televised football games played on grass that you have watched […]

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Student Protests Her Suspension Over Maxi Dress

Have you ever gotten in trouble for what you were wearing? I’m taking about violating a dress code back at your high school, what your wore at the beach, in the work place, or even […]

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Break-Up Service

There are so many services that do things we don’t want to do. The service industry is out of control, or should I say controlling our lives. There is now a service called “Sorry It’s […]

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