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Best Great Lake State Is Michigan

See why no other state comes close.

104.3 WOMC–13 hours ago


Detroit TV Commercial Hall of Fame [VIDEOS]

Here are ten Detroit TV commercials that will take you way back.

104.3 WOMC–13 hours ago

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Mike Huckabee Owes Survivor $25,000

Watch out when you use an artists music without permission.

104.3 WOMC–24 hours ago

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Are These Your Detroit Lions Cheerleaders? [VIDEO]

One of the judges was Matthew Stafford’s wife.

104.3 WOMC–06/28/2016


Shark Attack Coincidentally Began Shark Week [VIDEO]

Three shark attacks in the US during 1 week.

104.3 WOMC–06/27/2016


Worlds Oldest Twinkie

40 years and no mold.

104.3 WOMC–06/24/2016


Small Simple Turn-Ons

Women wearing clogs and a guy scratching the back of his head?

104.3 WOMC–06/23/2016


72 New Emoji Being Released [VIDEO]

Get excited Apple users.

104.3 WOMC–06/21/2016


Here’s The Annual Summer Mix From DJ Earworm [AUDIO]

What’s Summertime without DJ Earworm’s yearly mix of the best Summer songs all mashed up for your enjoyment.

104.3 WOMC–06/20/2016


Top 15 Most Dangerous Jobs

I was robbed the second week of employment with a gun placed to my head.

104.3 WOMC–06/20/2016

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