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Salon Serving Free Beer

How about getting free bear at your salon? UPI has a story about a salon called Sexy Scissors getting it’s liquor license so now they can offer free beer to their customers. Salon owner Rima [...]

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Underwear Infused With Caffeine [VIDEO]

Would you wear caffeine-infused underwear? Many want to get their fix of caffeine. So much that two companies started producing undergarments that are laced with the stimulant. The problem with the marketing according to The [...]

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Jimmy Page Forming His Own Band

Looks like someone is not to cool with the Led Zeppelin not putting together a reunion tour, Ultimate Classic Rock reports that person is Jimmy Page. The story also indicates that he could be responding [...]

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Limit One Cat Per Household?

Would you like for there to be a limit of one cat per household? An animal protection group is pushing for the limit of one cat because of the number of strays that are becoming [...]

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Restaurant Gives Discount For Carrying A Gun

Would you frequent a restaurant that offers discounts to people that carry guns? We’re always looking for discounts, if you are packing heat then flash it when visiting a restaurant called Bergeron’s. WTSP reports the [...]

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When It’s Good To Lie To Your Boss

When is it OK to lie to your boss? Business Insider is always a good source for advice about situations in the work place. Now they have come up with examples of when it’s good [...]

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Facial Hair On A Woman The Secret To A Lasting Marriage

Does your guy prefer facial hair on a woman? This woman who is proud of her beard thinks it has has been good for their marriage. In fact Oddity Central reports that she says it’s [...]

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‘Don’t Stop Believin” By Journey Saves Lives?

What song gives you the most inspiration? According to a story from Ultimate Classic Rock “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey is without a doubt most inspirational for a group hanging on to a sinking boat. [...]

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The Fattest Time Of The Year

Which month do you tend to gain the most weight? Well according to Daily Mail your in one of the fastest months right now, second only to obviously December. It makes sense to me because [...]

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Public Benches That Display Your Weight

To encourage personal fitness, would you encourage city’s to install public benches that display a sitters weight? Oddity Central tells us that those benches are already out in public places. At an extra cost of [...]

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