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DYI Big Lips Trend

Do you have a desire for big lips? Collagen injections where the way to go even though many of those treatments came out bad. Now the trend for teens to have those big lips, is […]

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Restaurant Grows Its Food Next To Their Tables

Would you consider eating at a restaurant that grows its food next to their tables? Hey, I’m all about eating locally grown food but my germaphobe personality would probably be a little paranoid of eating […]

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Imitating Partners Switch Clothes [VIDEO]

I challenge you to impersonate your partner. Bored Panda displays couples that did just that and it’s hilarious. Maybe you can relate to a guy thinking his woman dresses like a witch, always in black […]

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Dad Uses Drone To Watch Daughter Walk To School

Have you ever wanted to own a drone? I have been asked if I wanted one for a gift to use for photography. I would of probably used it to harass my neighbor across the […]

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Fake Pregnancy Ultrasound Sonograms

Have you ever known anyone who faked being pregnant? Well now there is technology to help make it easy to fake a pregnancy, and more convincing. Fake a Sonogram is a site that offers the […]

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Grey Hair Is The New Black

Is grey hair the new black? I’ve seen a young lady here at work sporting silver hair and getting rave reviews. Rant Chic says grey is the new black. There actually is a name for […]

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Dress Made Out Of Beer [VIDEO]

Have any interest wearing clothes made out of beer. WTSP reports that this has been done before with wine, but the beer dress is better because it doesn’t smell. It’s weird how this dress is […]



Neal Schon Of Journey Speaks About Returning To Santana

Are you exited about Santana and its original line-up. Neal Schon of Journey is thrilled to be working with Santana again and speaks about the long awaited new album to Ultimate Classic Rock, “We are […]

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Michigan Photos Of Sunken Shipwrecks Released By The Coast Guard

Are you intrigued by all the shipwrecks in Michigan waters? UPI reports on an amazing release of Michigan shipwrecked photos made public by the Coast Guard. The shots released are helicopter aerial photos in the […]

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Artists Not In The Hall Of Fame

Ultimate Classic Rock provides an interesting article about artists they think should be in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. This year has a great line-up of inductees including Ringo, Joan Jett, Bill Withers, […]

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