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Grocery Store Chain Offers a Lifetime 20% Discount If You Tattoo Their Logo

By: Beau Daniels I’ve told you about corporate sponsored tattoos. Now a grocery store is offering a lifetime twenty percent discount if you tattoo their log on your body. The tat must be visible and […]

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Things You Should Never Text To A New Love Interest

By: Beau Daniels Here are some things you should never text a potential new partner according to Rant Chic. From a guys perspective I can see how these could make a person back-off. This one […]

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Graduate Selling Her Diploma Which She Says Is Worthless

By: Beau Daniels How valuable is your college diploma? Florida State University graduate Stephanie Ritter feels her diploma has accomplished nothing for her, “I thought this piece of paper has so much worth to so […]

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Philly’s Answer To The Naked Mile

By: Beau Daniels We’ve all heard of The Naked Mile Run in Ann Arbor with mostly U of M students. But have your heard of the Naked Bike Run? UPI reports that’s it a 12 […]

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Drone Spots Man Sunbathing Atop 200-Foot Wind Turbine [VIDEO]

Some people sunbath in strange places.

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Company’s Hiring Professional Cheerleaders To Motivate Their Male Employees

By: Beau Daniels Do you think hiring fun attractive young women as “professional cheerleaders” will improve productivity in your workplace? Some IT company’s claim this is a great concept for motivating male employees. Journalist Casey […]

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What Makes a Woman Feel Loved

By: Beau Daniels I’ve always wonder what makes a lady truly feel loved. Thanks to Female First I now know. Fortunately I do some of these, like the grocery shopping. Actually, I think she prefers […]

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Major Universities With Dumb Classes

By: Beau Daniels What was your blow-off class in high school or college? Mine was home economics and family living. It was the first year they opened up the classes to guys, I did learn […]

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Woman Lives on Train Instead of Paying Rent

“It all started with a dispute I had with my landlord. I instantly decided I didn’t want to live there anymore, and then I realized actually, I didn’t want to live anywhere anymore.”

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Boy Stumbles & Puts Hole in $1.5 Million Dollar Painting [VIDEO]

The Paolo Porpora oil painting was on display at the “Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius” exhibition.

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