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Thanksgiving Stuffing Made With White Castle Burgers

What makes your stuffing special? We all get an urge for White Castles, so why not consider making stuffing made from their burgers. It makes sense when you think about it because stuffing has bread […]

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Pill Makes Flatulence Smell Like Chocolate

Do you know someone who could use a pill that makes their flatulence smell like chocolate? Featured on many TV shows and reported by UPI is a pill developed by Christian Poincheva who’s website brands […]

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How Much Time You Actually Work On The Job

How much time on the job do you actually work? Entrepreneur Magazine can answer that, on average employees work about forty-five percent of the time. So you can guess that is from a survey of […]

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Mike Love Will Be Putting Out An Autobiography

Are you excited about Mike Love from the Beach Boys putting out an autobiography? Contact Music reports that the book will be called, “Good Vibrations.” I’m hoping for some juicy unknown stuff to be in […]

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Best Black Friday Retailers Ranked

Which is your favorite Black Friday retailer? Wallet Hub ranks the best Black Friday retailers. I’m not surprised to see my favorite, Ace Hardware close to the top, along with other clients that advertise on […]

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Town Rejects Ugly Christmas Tree

Have you ever had an ugly Christmas tree? WFMZ-TV reports that the town of Reading, PA was so disappointed in the their Christmas tree, enough complaints were generated, city officials had it removed. Local resident […]

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New Cuddle Service Gets Huge Demand

Would you pay for a cuddle? Oddity Central reports about a woman that is offering the service for a dollar a minute and business is booming. I guess we could all use a cuddle once […]

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Cost Of Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

How much will you spend on Thanksgiving dinner? Farm Bureau did research and estimates that the average cost for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for ten is around $49. It cost me that much to feed […]

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Flying Drones With Mistletoe [VIDEO]

Do you love kissing under the mistletoe? Would you enjoy kissing under a drone carrying mistletoe? I love this, NY Daily reports that TGIF Fridays is flying drones with mistletoe. Rachel Waller from Fridays explains, […]

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Hotel Charges An Extra $150 For Bad Review

Careful what you post about your hotel stays. Also read the fine print for your reservation. UPI reports that one couple was so unhappy about their stay. they posted, “rotten stinking hovel” on Trip Advisor. […]

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