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Football Knocks Drone Out Of The Sky [VIDEO]

Get that kicker a scholarship.

104.3 WOMC–05/26/2017

Be Careful With Your Lottery Tickets

If the owner hadn’t noticed a story in the news, the $24 million would have been lost due to expiration rules.

104.3 WOMC–05/25/2017

Service Dog Makes High School Yearbook [POLL]

I think service dogs would be great just for interaction with people in stressful work environments. What do you think? Take the Beau Poll below.

104.3 WOMC–05/25/2017

How To Get A Pothole Fixed

After hitting social media she began getting numerous calls from media. So the single photo shot protest became huge.

104.3 WOMC–05/24/2017

Best Places To Take A Picture In Michigan

Of those suggested, I pick Turnip Rock as the most interesting.

104.3 WOMC–05/23/2017

Online Dating Service Scans For Criminal Records

Over 50 percent of the WOMC listeners are single, maybe this is worth checking out.

104.3 WOMC–05/22/2017

The Worlds Youngest DJ [VIDEO]

It’s official, here is the Guinness World Record holder for youngest DJ.

104.3 WOMC–05/22/2017

Travel App Gives Ratings On Restrooms

With a whopping 1.5 million reviews given by users, the ratings are considered legit.

104.3 WOMC–05/22/2017

Date Sued For Texting At Movie

This story reached the director of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2,” and his response might shock you,

104.3 WOMC–05/19/2017

You Natural Smell Is Important

Voice is important also.

104.3 WOMC–05/19/2017

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