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Strange People Deserve Weird Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for a Christmas gift to give to a weird person? There are those strange type of people who only appreciate a gift that is unusual. Huffington Post has put up some strong […]

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Cats And Christmas Trees [VIDEO]

Do you have a cat that enjoys your Christmas tree? I guess cats are better than dogs when it comes to Christmas trees because they don’t feel the need to water the tree. I have […]

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Ring In Salvation Army Kettle Buys $21,000 In Toys

A ring donated to a Salvation Army kettle will score $21,000 worth of toys for needy kids. Huffington Post reports that a woman left a ring that was given by her late husband. She left […]

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Police Giving Out $100 Bills To People Driving Beaters [VIDEO]

I posted earlier about police here in Michigan giving out Christmas gifts during traffic stops. Here’s another good one about police targeting people in beat-up rides and giving them $100 bills. The money comes from […]

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Christmas Tree Made From 300 Beer Kegs

Christmas is a time for celebrating and for some socializing in restaurants and bars, and you will see exhibits of holiday celebrations from numerous beer companies. What do you think of a Christmas tree made […]

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Letters To Santa From Homeless Children

Thank you very much for the response and building Santa’s Toy Castle with the toys you donated over the weekend. Did you know that 2.5 million kids lived without a stable shelter last year according […]

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The President Donates Toys

No matter what your political views are, it is impressive that our President not only donated toys for those in need but he and also spent time working at the Toys for Tots organization. He […]

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Woman Donates Even When She Is In Need

I admire those who give, when they are also in need. You can call it creating good karma or actions that have been taught by your religion. Huffington Post has a very touching story about […]

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Fail Proof Christmas Gifts?

What’s the perfect Christmas gift for you? Huffington Post offers up a bunch of gifts that they say “anyone with a home will love.” Usually for me it’s anything new and high tech, and those […]

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Police In Michigan Town Give Christmas Gifts Instead Of Tickets [VIDEO]

How would you feel if your traffic stop turned into free Christmas gifts? Huffington Post reports that Police in Lowell Michigan wanted to be involved wit the “Uplift Someone” program so instead of minor traffic […]

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