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Kid Rock Blast Seth Rogen And Michael Moore For Their Comments About “American Sniper”

The movie “American Sniper,” is still generating huge buzz. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that our homegrown patriotic Kid Rock blasted Seth Rogen for his comments about the movie. After Kid made some noise, Seth appeared […]

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Dylan Giving Away 50,000 Copies Of His New Album In Magazine

Would you be interested in free Bob Dylan music? Adage reports that Dylan is giving away a whopping 50,000 copies of his new album called “Shadows in the Night.” Dylan is now age 73 so […]

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Keith Richards And Justin Bieber Now Buddies?

Do you believe that Keith Richards and Justin Bieber are friends? That’s a possibility according to a story from Ultimate Classic Rock. The two ran into each other and had no clue who each other […]

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Company That Offers Unique Baby Names

Do you wish you had a name used by no one else? Oddity Central reports about a company that guarantees to find you an unique name. So if you expect some new born’s in your […]

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Beauty Secret, Women Should Shave Their Face

What’s your beauty secret? Oddity Central reports that women should shave their entire face to make their skin be more smooth and soft. I actually thought about that after noticing that my skin looks better […]

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We Should Shower Less?

How often do you shower or bathe? Buzzfeed has a story that says we shower too much according to a couple of dermatologist who appear legit. One of those dermatologist is Dr. Joshua Zeichner, from […]

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Why We Should Act Like Teens In Our Relationships

Do you think your relationship with your partner would be better if you both acted like teens? She Knows has some interesting advise for us adults in our relationships. The story basically flaunts the benefit […]

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Guy Was Arrested After Pointing His Phone At Police [VIDEO]

Careful what you point at police. UPI reports the arrest of Unique Johnson after he pointed his phone at New York City police. One of the police said, “I absolutely thought we were dead.” The […]

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Payback A Person With Glitter

Need to payback someone? Ship them glitter. When the package is opened it spreads gold glitter everywhere. I guess that’s a harmless way to payback a person. The payback business was started by Mathew Carpenter […]

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Smart Phones Cause Wrinkles

Do you believe a smartphone can give you wrinkles? The Telegraph reports about a study that says constantly looking down at a smartphone can cause something called “tech-neck,” which is sagging skin that cases wrinkles. […]

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