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80-Year-Old Woman Has Worked At Same Southfield KFC For 50 Years

What’s the longest you have worked at the same place? Making national news is an 80-year-old woman who has worked at the same Southfield KFC for over 50 years, and yes she’s even met The [...]

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Wife Upset At Husband Complaining About Her Driving Skills Trys To Run Him Over

Does your partners driving scare you? Don’t try this when upset at your partner for complaining about your driving. Sarai Longhenry allegedly tried to hit her husband with a car after a blow-up argument they had about [...]

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Why Men Cannot Talk With A Sexy Voice

A study from Albright College in Pennsylvania, has determined that it’s impossible for guys to talk with a sexy voice. Women have no problem, but even when men try to sound sexy it gets worse. [...]

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Powdered Alcohol

Are you interested in powdered Alcohol? It’s here. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved it and you will see it marketed as Palcohol. One of the benefits they suggest is the [...]

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How Social Media Can Kill Your Career

You’ve heard some of the obvious reasons how social media can play against you on the job, including the advice of not being a friend of your boss, and not saying bad things about clients. [...]

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Intelligent Crows Build Their Nests Out of Coat Hangers

I did not realize that crows are so intelligent. The birds are so smart that they know recycling and are doing it with coat hangers. They are actually stealing the hangers out of homes and [...]

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Six Months Of Tire Slashings Caused By Dog

Ten cars had their tires slashed and after 6 months of wondering which kid or thug was to blame, it turned out to be a dog. Residents of a neighborhood were shocked to discover that [...]

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How To Become Charming

Business Insider has a list of ways to make yourself more charming. This comes from research done by Howard Friedman Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Riverside who took a look at habits [...]

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Guy Who Had A Soda Refill Is Charged By Feds For Theft

How many times have you walked up to the self-service pop station and refilled your cup not knowing if it was free? One guy did just that at a VA Medical Center and is now [...]

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Chain Selling Rabbit Pizza For Easter

I don’t think eating rabbits is a real Easter tradition, but I guess the Easter Bunny is reason enough for a pizza chain to sell pizza’s with rabbit meat. The strange marketing strategy is being [...]

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