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Women Are Grumpy Several Hours A Week

Daily Mail says that women are in a bad mood on average around a total of ten days a year. How often is your partner grumpy? The report also mentions something most of us probably [...]

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Woman Adds Third Breast So People Will Stop Hitting On Her

Do you purposely try to look unattractive? I know many women do it so that men will not hit on then in particular environments such as at work, or driving at night. One woman allegedly [...]

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Cost Of Studio Time For The Rolling Stones In 1969

Wow! Ultimate Classic Rock has posted a receipt of what it cost the Rolling Stones to record at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. Keep in mind Elton John, Aretha, Paul Simon, and dozens of [...]

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Waiting In Line 2 Days For A Phone

What’s the longest you stayed in line for something? If your an iPhone fanatic maybe the fact that a guy stood in line for two days for the new device is no big deal. Bristol [...]

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Man Paying For A Woman To Be His Mother

How much money would it take for you to be hired as someones mother? Oddity Central reports that the man looking for a mom began by posting flyers in a park. One lady saw his [...]

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How Many Of Your Co-Workers Are High

Do you ever wonder if your co-workers are high while at work? According to the UPI story, 1 in 10 workers have sparked-up before going into work. Then there are those who are buzzed on [...]

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GPS Tracking The Homeless

What do you think about putting GPS tracking devises on the homeless to help determine where public benches should be? You have to admire the humanity of the city of Odense for wanting to help [...]

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15 Minute Breaks Every 50 Minutes For Best Productivity

Are you most productive at work when you take a break every hour? Fast Company back’s up the theory that taking a 17 minute break every 52 minutes is a good formula for productivity at [...]

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Robert Plant Not Enthusiastic About The Led Zeppelin Bonus Tracks

Robert Plant is not feeling the newly released Led Zeppelin bonus tracks. Ultimate Classic Rock posted Plants reaction to the reissued tracks, “Because it’s so long ago. What you’re hearing there is mostly work-in-progress stuff. [...]

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Trash Vigilante Throws Tossed Garbage Back In Vehicle Windows [VIDEO]

What do you think about trash vigilante? I’m talking about a woman that drives around on a motorcycle looking for people who toss trash out their vehicle, she picks it up and throws it back [...]

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