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Clown Costumes Banned Today And Tomorrow

Is it fair for a city to ban clown costumes? People dressed as clowns have been popping up in city’s in scary fashion. You’ve probably heard about the clown terror that’s been going on. Who [...]

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Thermostat Setting For A Happy Marriage

What’s your happy thermostat setting? Daily Mail reports that your thermostat setting is important to a happy marriage. Looks like most men prefer a cooler setting than women in the Winter. I guess I’m unusual, [...]

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Men Spend More Time On Their Appearance Than Women

Do today’s men spend more time on their looks than women? The Daily Mail story says yes. Much of that is bolstered by the fact that men spend much more time in the gym, I’m [...]

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Dead Animal Mascot Hanging From My High Schools Goal Post

Is hanging a dead animal that represents a mascot, from a rivals goalpost a prank that went too far? This is personal because the dead animal was hanging from the goalpost at my high school [...]

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Company Gives It’s Employees Free Beer When Timesheets Are Turned In

Is free beer on the job good for the workplace? UPI gives us a story about one company that had a problem with employees turning in their timesheets. They came up with a system that [...]

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Top Haunted Homes On The Market

Would you prefer to live in a haunted home? Top Ten Real Estate Deals has posted The Top Ten Haunted Homes that are available for purchase. So if you got the money and no fear [...]

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Cities That Are Best For Halloween

With all the great haunted attractions and Zombie vibe, don’t you think the Detroit metro is one of the best areas in the country for Halloween? Not so according to Wallet Hubb, they rank us [...]

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What You Don’t Know About Halloween

What do you love most about Halloween? For me it’s the fun vibe of less inhibitions. Huffington Post gives us some more insight on the holiday with some facts you might not have known. Here’s [...]

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Voted #1 Feelgood Song

What is your number one ‘pick me up song?’ Ultimate Classic Rock reports that there was actual research conducted to determine which song was the best song for making a person feel better. Keep in [...]

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The Stones Mobile Studio On Wheels Used By Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, And Queen

So many legendary artists recorded iconic songs in one mobile studio on wheels. I talked about this a while back on the air but wanted to give you a look at that studio in the [...]

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