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Break Stuff To De-stress

Have you ever been so stressed that you wanted to break something? Now there’s a place to do it safely AND not destroy any of your own property. Das Breakroom in Boise, Idaho, opened on [...]

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Bobby & Stacey

Best And Worst Jobs of 2014  just came out with a list of the best and worst jobs for 2014.  Is your job on the list?  Ours is!  And we can’t believe it!  We LOVE waking you up every morning. [...]

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Bobby Mitchell Ambushes Cher On Camera

The other day, I claimed that Cher was on my sister’s wedding video. And I wasn’t lying!

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Create Your Own BLUMQUIST File and WIN!

We know it’s hard to try and win tickets while you’re at work.  It’s quiet, no one wants to hear your screaming when you win, no one wants to hear you slamming the phone down [...]

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What Your Cubicle Says About You

How you decorate your cubicle tells your co-workers more than you know.

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Where can you get free ice cream today?

It’s not quite a national holiday, but some would argue that Free Cone Day 2014 should be just that. Free Cone Day is Ben & Jerry’s way of showing their customers appreciation. Customers will be [...]

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Bobby & Stacey’s Breakfast Bracket

Waffles? Eggs? Donuts? Cereal? Stacey Duford admitted that her favorite breakfast choice is a salad. Bobby Mitchell prefers an omelette. Which breakfast do YOU think rules the morning?

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Bobby Slayton with Bobby & Stacey

Bobby Slayton at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

Bobby Slayton stopped by the WOMC studio before his gig at Mark Ridley’s.  He and Bobby Mitchell go waaaaaay back.  Catch him at Ridley’s this weekend, or enjoy three minutes of fun by listening to [...]

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Michigan Pinball Expo at Oakland University

We sent our intern, Twizzler, to check out the Michigan Pinball Expo at the Oakland Center at Oakland University.  The event runs through Sunday April 6th and features over 100 pinball machines and other coin [...]

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Happy April Fool's Day!

Last Minute April Fool’s Day Pranks For The Office

Have fun! And remember that Bobby & Stacey are not responsible for retaliation, dirty looks, or loss off co-worker affection.

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