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Bobby & Stacey LIVE (or DEAD!) from Cedar Point

Bobby & Stacey (and their boys) joined Joe and his great team of makeup artists and became zombies and ghouls for a night of fun of Halloweekends at Cedar Point.  Bobby and Stacey worked a [...]

104.3 WOMC–10/29/2014


What to do with your Unwanted Halloween Candy?

Do you have too much Halloween Candy at your house? Are you finding that you and your kids can’t resist eating too many Halloween candies?  Do you have Halloween candy you don’t like or want!?? [...]


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Cher Reveals To Bobby & Stacey How Many Outfits She Will Wear At The Palace In November

Cher reveals that her tour this time around is a HUGE production and features many costume changes. Find out in the podcast how many Bob Mackie outfits she will be wearing.



Bobby & Stacey At The Fleetwood Mac Show

Bobby & Stacey had a great time at the Fleetwood Mac show visiting with the great listeners of 104.3 WOMC as well as enjoying the fabulous performance by the band.


(Provided photo)

Bobby Mitchell’s Top Three Fleetwood Mac Fun Facts

The band performs at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Wednesday, October 22nd



Bobby & Stacey On The Top Trending Halloween Costumes This Year [VIDEO]

Looking for a Halloween costume idea? Jimmy Rhoades from The List TV joined Bobby & Stacey to reveal what they’re wearing this year.



Holly Hutton’s Wedding Photos

The rain held off and it was a beautiful evening for an I Do Barbecue to honor the marriage of Holly Hutton and Officer Gene Bomber

104.3 WOMC–10/14/2014


‘I Can Be Loud Day And Night': Bob Seger On His Clarkston Songwriting Cottage [AUDIO]

Bob talked about working on some of the new songs on the album at his songwriting cottage located in Clarkston.



Bob Seger Talks Classic Cars And Detroit Tour Dates With Bobby & Stacey

The Motor City’s own Bob Seger dropped in to visit Bobby & Stacey to chat about his new album “Ride Out” available Tuesday.



Bobby Plays While The Girls Are Away [VIDEO]

With Stacey and Holly livin’ it up at Beaches Resorts in Jamaica, Bobby Mitchell is all alone in the mornings at WOMC studios.



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