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Kangaroo Crashes Into Melbourne Airport, Wounded Kangaroo Hops Into Melbourne Airport, Security Issue In Melbourne Caused By Kangaroo

Australia For Dummies: Dave Fuller Needs Your Help!

Help! Well, first, about Australia: Never been, but it’s on my bucket list! What do I know about Australia? Well…. It’s a LONG plane ride to get there from Detroit. What else? Men At Work. […]

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You Need This For Thanksgiving: Fuller’s Secret Turkey Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Got Vinyl? Put Your Records On!

  ‘Put Your Records On’. Ever heard it? Excellent song by a lady named Corinne Bailey Rae. Give it a listen, and thank me later! Ironically, at a radio version of a high school reunion a few […]

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New Law Bans Tradition At Kids Birthday Parties

Okay, things are getting a little out of hand down under! If you plan on having cake for your son or daughters school birthday party, hold the candles! Australia’s Health Council says blowing out the […]

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New Orleans Has The Big Game, And Americas Weirdest People

Weirdos? In New Orleans? I know, what a shock, right? I’ve never been to The Big Easy, but we’ve all heard the stories and seen the pictures (NSFW usually) of the French Quarter and Mardi Gras. […]

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Women Think ‘Gentlemen’ Are Fake Or Weak

They say chivalry is dead. According to this story that might not be a bad thing. I’m calling B.S. on this one. I was always tought to be a gentleman. I always hold the door […]

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Hangover Clinic Will ‘Cure’ You In One Hour

Rough weekend? Have a few to many brewski’s watching the games? Been there, done that. There are a lot of things we do to snap out of that post partyin’ hangover. Greasy food, water by […]

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New Reality Show Wants To Send You To Mars

Kind of makes ‘The Amazing Race’ sound pretty tame, eh? Think you have to right stuff to conquer the Red Planet? An outfit in the Netherlands called Mars One is doing a global, televised search later this year for […]

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On Elvis’ Birthday, There’s Only One Way To Celebrate

Somebody was feeling festive on The King Of Rock And Rolls 78th birthday! They brought their lunch in a Elvis lunch box similar to the one in the picture. I was dying to see if […]

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