Company Encourages Employees To Bring A Dog To Work Everyday [Poll]"We come back to the office feeling a lot of pressure, and so we go straight to play with our dogs, stroking their heads, holding them, watching them run around. This helps us release some stress."
A Radio Channel For Dogs [POLL]Personally I think a dog radio channel should feature animal sounds along with other sounds of nature.
How People Drive Their Partner Crazy [Poll]I'm curious if you ladies are bothered by your old man staring at other women. Click for the Beau Poll.
O.J. Simpson Released From Prison [POLL]Are you glad that OJ Simpson has been released from prison? Click and take the poll.
Kid Rock Now A Politician? Take The PollDo you want to see Kid Rock in politics? Click to take the poll.
Pre-Teen Cellphone Ban [POLL]Fines of $500 to $20,000 for an under 13 year old with a cellphone.
Service Dog Makes High School Yearbook [POLL]I think service dogs would be great just for interaction with people in stressful work environments. What do you think? Take the Beau Poll below.
What Should The Official State Food Of Michigan Be? [POLL]Vote in the Beau Poll.
4th Grade Teacher Gets Backlash for 'Inappropriate' OutfitsTake the poll and tell us if you think the teachers outfits are inappropriate for school.
Should Van Halen Take Back Sammy Hagar? [POLL]Click to take the poll.
Text Friendly Movie Theaters [Beau Poll]You like? Let us know with the Beau Poll.
Women Want Men To Shave Their Legs [Beau Poll]How do you prefer your mans legs? Take the Beau Poll.

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