Detroit Gas Prices

Wow - Look At Gas Prices!, Gas Prices Fall Dramatically In Metro Detroit, Gas Prices Down In Detroit, Detroit Gas Prices

Wow – Look At Gas Prices!

Have you checked out gas prices over the past few days? After weeks and months of bad news prices have come down dramatically at many Detroit Metro gas stations over the past week.


Gas Prices Drop Just A Bit In Metro Detroit, Detroit Gas Prices, Gas Prices In Metro Detroit

Gas Prices Down Just A Bit

It has been a roller coaster ride over the past couple of weeks when it comes to gas prices in Metro Detroit. In just the past few days prices seemed to drop just a bit […]


Gas Prices Rise In Metro Detroit, Detroit Gas Prices, Lundberg Survey, Rising Gas Prices

$4.50 Gas By Summer?

Gas prices have been rising in Metro Detroit over the past three weeks and some are now predicting that we’ll all be paying $4.50 a gallon by the time we take our summer vacations.


Gas Prices Drop A Bit, Metro Detroit Gas Prices Drop A Little, Gas Prices, Detroit Gas Prices

Gas Prices Dip Just A Bit

It’s our Tuesday morning spot check on gas prices around Metro Detroit and it would appear as if prices have taken a bit of a dip.


Gas Prices Stable In Michigan Over Past Week, Michigan Gas Prices, Stable Gas Prices In Michigan

Gas Prices Mostly Stable

Every Tuesday we check on gas prices in Metro Detroit and over the past week once again it would appear as though prices have remained pretty much stable and in some cases, they’ve fallen a bit.


Gas Prices Up By Six Cents A Gallon

According to the Lundberg Survey, gas prices have risen by 6 cents a gallon over the past two weeks. Here in Metro Detroit, things have been fairly stable when it comes to gasoline.


Dipsy Doo Gas Prices

Last week was an interesting one for gas prices in Metro Detroit. They came down dramatically and then edged back up a bit.